Why Natural Hair Brands Avoid Grease – “We Provide Healthier Options”


There are a noticeable increase in youtube content and natural hair influencer videos professing love for old school grease and its a little strange. I call it strange because every now and again there will be a trend that hits youtube that has you wondering, why is this a thing all of a sudden? What happened? Is this for views or is this real?

When I wear my ‘natural hair blogger’ hat my message is always the same – Do whats best for your hair! However, the caveat to that is if you want growth and length retention you have to KNOW what’s best for your hair based on your own unique situation.

Generally, great health, low tension, a healthy scalp, and protective styles are the number one ingredients you need to meet your hair growth and retention goals.

However, naturals are not only saying that for them, going back to old school practices of using grease in their hair is how they have been able to achieve waist-length hair but they are really experimenting with it quite a bit. Watch this video and skip to 4.12 in this one. Then there is this one and this one!

… So I was curious! What do the brands think about this newish wave? When I say “brands”, I mean the smaller ones that are heavily focused on using all-natural products to service our natural hair community.

I spoke to Alyssa the CEO of MyfluffyPuffs to gain some insight into her thoughts on the whole grease debate. To give you some background on her brand, My Fluffy Puffs is committed to all-natural healthy ingredients and creating products that you can use on your hair and your skin.

I asked Alyssa what she thought about the recent videos that have been shared on Youtube about grease and this is how she broke it down in my DMs:

Petroleum Jelly or grease is used for skin as a sealant and for medicinal purposes because it’s a water-repellent. Petroleum although it doesn’t clog pores (non-comedogenic as mentioned by some vloggers), it does BLOCK 2 factors our hair and scalp rely on… Moisture & Air

Your pores dry out when you use petroleum. Our scalp regulates sebum production among other things and that’s inhibited by petroleum.

The EU (European Union) has some of the strongest regulations on the books regarding petroleum jelly. Other countries arent as strict, for example, Canada / China. So not all cosmetic grades are equal and some may contain carcinogens due to this. Every country regulates petroleum differently.

This is why there are ongoing studies about cancer-related issues with exposure to a widely used product – petroleum jelly.

Since Petroleum is a water repellant and not water-soluble it traps whatever dirt, bacteria, and moisture and locks it all in place. Moisture cannot penetrate through petroleum. So while your hair may feel soft and manageable it’s weighed down with a heavy emollient that takes days to absorb.

I find that some naturals love weighing hair down with product because they haven’t learned how to manage their shrinkage without product. Which in itself leads to further issues of build-up that in turn can dry the hair out. Your shrinkage is the natural state of your hair.

With regards to the videos that claim the natural hair community lied, I say we did not lie, we presented healthier options that weren’t considered before. With information and references and guides that can optimize your hair and scalp health. It’s up to you to read, ask questions and challenge the info.

Watch Alyssa’s video below:


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Personally I am team no grease, especially after using it myself. My hair attracted a ton of dirt and lint that lead to tangles and unnecessary breakage. But that’s me! If you need some references or added reading, try this one, this one and this one as well!

Comment below and let me know what you all think about this ongoing debate.


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