Wig Transformation – Boring Black Wig To Honey Blonde Curly Bombshell Color, Cut And Style


Youtuber Jazznicole dropped a super dope video of a wig transformation she did using boring black Nadula hair she purchased from AliExpress.

She bleached the hair, cut bangs and styled the wig creating a head full of bomb honey blonde curls. The process seems pretty easy and if you are able to replicate the style, this wig can be an awesome switch up without bleaching your own hair and a great protective style as well.

What you will need

1. Wig

Jazz used hair from Nadula hair company on Ali Express. It is a Brazilian deep wave, four 16 inch bundles and a 14-inch closure. Click here to purchase the hair or you can head over to Nadula and purchase directly.

2. Bleach

You will need bleaching powder e would recommend that you wear gloves when working with bleach.

3. 30 Volume Developer

4. Shears

5. Flexirods

6 foil paper

Watch this detailed video to see how to transform your wig:

Absolutely love it


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