A Win For Diversity – Brazil Has Crowned The Second Black Woman In 30 Years As Miss Brazil


This weekend Raissa Santana became the second black woman to be crowned Miss Brazil in a pageant history of over 60 years.

For years we have talked about the lack of inclusiveness of dark skinned latina women in mainstream beauty. It has been so bad that you might hear a black women of mixed Latin heritage say they are often labeled as too latina to be black and too black to be latina.


With that said this is definitely a win for diversity and a huge win for Raissa Santana who follows Deise Nunes who was the only black woman crowned back in 1986.


In a country where half of the country is black and the rest is of mixed race it is about time that a black women had some representation even though we had to wait 30 years.

Brazilian women are embracing all sides of their culture including their African heritage and their natural hair textures which is a direct result of how diverse they are. Santana is 21 years old and represents Parana, watch her stunning moment below:


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