Winnie Harlow And Shahad Salman Are On The June Cover Of Vogue Arabia

Winnie Harlow - Vogue Arabia

Super Model Winnie Harlow shared on Instagram today that she is on the cover of Vogue Arabia and that it was her first Vogue cover ever. Not only was it a first for her but she shared it with Shahad Salman, an up and coming model who had been inspired by Winnie to feel better about the way she looked.

Check out the post Winnie Shared on Instagram:

Vogue Arabia is calling this June issue and ode to female empowerment in the Middle East. According to Vogue both women were Photographed by Dan Beleiu in Riyadh’s Sadus heritage village.

Winnie Harlow - Vogue Arabia 3

The cover stars Harlow, from Canada, and Salman, from the Kingdom, and both share their touching stories of success, notably pointing out how vitiligo – a skin condition caused by the lack of melanin – hasn’t stopped them from achieving their dreams. The theme sends a positive message to readers about the importance of representation.

Winnie Harlow - Vogue Arabia 1

The cover shoot was the first time Harlow and Salman have met. Yet despite living thousands of miles apart, they knew each other via social media. “Almost a year ago, Shahad made a post on Instagram with our pictures next to each other. She wrote in the caption that it was ‘weird’ how similar we looked,” shares New York-based Harlow. “I commented saying that it was not weird, but that she was so gorgeous.”

The social media site was also where the talent scouts at Vogue Arabia spotted Mecca-based model Salman, who had little experience in fashion prior to this cover story. However, understanding the impact of the shoot on the lives of women who look to the media for positive representation, she says, “Before, I didn’t feel good about myself and I didn’t like the way I looked. Winnie was the person who gave me the confidence to fight. I never expected to meet her. Sharing time on the set of Vogue with her was a dream. I feel that now I, too, can inspire other girls from Arab world.”

Winnie also shared a cute little clip of her interaction with Shahad who was visibly overcome with emotion, press play below:

Read the entire cover story here.


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