This Woman And Her Bantu Knots Are Stunning


(I am clapping after I say each of these words)

When.I.Tell.You.That.Black.Women.Are.The.Baddest … I came across this stunner by chance, and I knew I had to post her up somewhere!

These days I write a lot of articles about cultural appropriation because as you know that trend is poppin with some of the creatives in the white community.

For example, just the other day Bantu knots were called mini buns because it was more ‘appropriate’ for the white audience that the style and tutorial were being presented to.

The style was robbed of its African history, but at the same time, it wasn’t a style that black women typically would wear out. I remember years ago if my hair was in Bantu knots, (still clapping).

That is just the plain truth and I know some of you reading this felt the same way growing up too. These days as styles change we are noticing that a ton of our ‘old time’ styles are on trend and appropriation is lit.

The solution is simple, we need to rock our styles proudly! Period! You cannot complain about appropriation when you do not even appreciate the style yourself.

Which brings me full circle to Loren! – How Dope are her Bantu knots? the entire look is stunning! Check out the view:


@itsl0ren.JPG 2

@itsl0ren.JPG 3

@itsl0ren.JPG 5





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