Woman Has Horrible Allergic Reaction To The Cover Girl Queen Collection Lipstick

Cover Girl Queen Collection Allergy

We have to be so careful about the cosmetics we use and how their ingredients will affect our health. I must admit that I take lipsticks for granted but after seeing this ladies post about her allergic reaction to the COVERGIRL Queen Collection lipstick I am having second thoughts.

According to the website:

COVERGIRL Queen Collection lipstick for dark skin & medium skin provides as much rich, true color as the leading department store lipstick. Our silk moisturizing formula helps maintain moisture levels so lips feel smooth and look gorgeous. The more you wear it, the more gorgeous your lips become! Find COVERGIRL Queen Collection at a store near you, with our store locator.

Yea sure… Lily Cleopatra Maurice posted these pictures to Facebook after using the one of the lippies and we were all shocked:
Here is what this lovely lady should look like:
Lily Cleopatra Maurice

Here is what she looked like after using the product
Lily Cleopatra Maurice

This poor lady ended up in the ER because of the allergic reaction and she is also breastfeeding which might have to stop depending on whatever medication the doctor prescribes to her.

Cover Girl Queen Collection

Her caption on Facebook was a warning to us all about testing products before using them, and making sure you know what you are allergic to.

Please be aware of the Queen Collection Cover Girl lipstick. Purchased lip this week woke up choking with huge swollen lips. I had to be rushed to the ER! Could’ve died in my sleep. Plz be careful with the harmful products in lipsticks. Share this to save your love ones fron a fatal lipstick reaction CovergirlQueenCollection!

It is important to ensure that you know what is in your products just as you would if you read the label on a food product. I wish lily all the best, and I am doing my part at spreading the word!


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