Woman Asks Her TikTok Followers To Help Her Find A Guy She Met On Vacation, His Wife Reaches Out


Girl welcome to messy TikTok!

Micarenee, went on a trip to Miami, and while she was there she was recorded by her friend having a ‘conversation’ with a man we now know is married.

Her original video which has now garnered over 3 million views was a plea to her TikTok followers to find a guy she met at the beach in Miami.

In her caption she wrote, “TikTok I come to you today cause I heard what you do for others ? I think he said he’s from Detroit ? #helpmefindhim #boostofhope”.

Here is her original video:


TikTok I come to you today cause I heard what you do for others ? I think he said he’s from Detroit ? #fyp #helpmefindhim #boostofhope #viral

♬ Breakin my heart – Jodeci’s groupie

The second video is where things take a turn for the worse.

Not only was he found, but the brother is married with children and his wife reached out to sis to let her know.



Reply to @micarenee #fyp #reply

♬ original sound – Mica Renee

This is the message between his wife and sis in the video:

Wife’s Response

His wife (known as sharee_chantal on TikTok) shared on her own account that even though people are finding humor in this situation, for her and her children this is real life and not funny.

In her caption, she wrote:

“A ni**a go on a one fellas trip….five months later then THIS. You for sure lost a great one!!!!”

She has since made her TikTok account private.

Husband’s Response

The ‘husband’ made a couple of videos, calling cap to the entire thing.

From his perspective, they had one 7 min conversation and that was it, insinuating that Micarenee exaggerated the situation for her own benefit.

Watch all three of his videos below:

His comment section is of course in shambles, his critics calling him out for not wearing his wedding ring while in Miami, but having it on now as he defends himself.

Read below:

Dude, you literally said nothing this whole video. ??

Kitana McGee
So now you wearing your ring ?

Ginger Rose
WHAT?. You’re saying a whole lot of NOTHING ???

sir, u shouldn’t be disrespecting a woman u only spoke to for 5 mins because u dont know how to act married ?

She wasn’t being weird ?. She never said you were trying to cheat. She thought you were single because you were ACTING SINGLE!

What a mess! Comment your thoughts below.


  1. In all of my training on reading non- verbal communication he is displaying every classical sign of a person who is being untruthful; fidgeting, the furrowing of the eye brows, diverting his gaze, unable to communicate his thoughts the crossing of his arms which displays a defensive posture ( unless he is cold). I could say so much more but I’ll simply say this- Sis if you elect to except your husbands explanation it’s because you choose not to deal with the truth and except the reality “he’s not worthy of your trust”. Quite simply put Sis he’s a weak player and ignoring this will simply put you in a position down the line for greater regrets for not moving forward without him now. Protect you and your children. Your a beautiful girl who has no need to except this from him. If you want to double check my math, ask yourself if you were holding some mans hand and doing videos while on vacation alone, would he believe you? You see the answer is correct “no he wouldn’t because that would make him a fool”. Move on Sis when you subtract nothing from nothing you get nothing. Blessing and prayerful covering on your journey through your truth and to your happiness. ??

  2. Y’all don’t think it’s a lil weird that she is reaching out trying to find him months later?! I don’t care what he said… they both agreed there was just this one encounter. If this is so, her actions seems a bit desperate. Even if he was single…if he was interested, she would’ve heard from him…period. Why chase him down?!!

    • How would the lady hear from him if he gave her his number not the other way around??‍♀️ It was an innocent gesture fitting with this crazy generation of technology and love hell but he just so happened to be a married man acting single??‍♀️

        • I agree sad that women just try to bash men and turn everything into a negative, just like Charlotte saying she read him. So did you read the main video posted? Cuz his body language didn’t show him trying to get with the lady at all

      • BINGO!! he never asked for hers lol THINK…in your encounters don’t they ALWAYS ask! I’m inclined to believe yes he was having fun flirting on the beach but left it right there…No way she lost his # ?

    • Lisa you sound stupid. Did you not HEAR what she said ??? She said “He gave me his number but I was so lit I forgot to save it”. Which meaning he gave her his number she didn’t give him hers. If she would have saved the number she would have hit him up. Stop making excuses for his lying, cheating tail.

    • I agree with you if it was like she said. Why didn’t he ask for her number and contact her. We only see what she shows us. Why wouldn’t he try to hook up with her that night. I call cap as well.

    • Yeah she’s thirst af. You’re point is valid. Now back to the original and most important issue. Dude is a piece of shit. And just ruined his family for being such. She said he gave her his number. ??‍♂️

    • Because he allowed her to get in his personal space enough to be interested. Enjoying eye candy from a distance is far different from introducing yourself, intertwined hands, and finishing hugs. He created the entire possibility in her head, married and all.

    • Smh and you probably one of the women he talking about sending him pics and videos n his inbox…… thirsty? That’s another woman’s tall glass of water……smh. I’m a pray for you!

  3. Don’t let others convince you to leave your marriage. You don’t know them and they don’t know you or your marriage. Seek counseling. If he is not abusing you, don’t throw everything away over a short video from someone who has her own issues. Single people can be hazardous to a marriage. And sir, check yourself. If your wife believes a short video, your hand is raggedy. Do better.

  4. I believe she was just wishing on a star met a beautiful man with great energy she never said he was trying to get at her she was like who knows him I don’t think that’s weird I think he’s weird for being rude making 3 videos of making himself look like a jerk. Why aren’t people just honest he saw a pretty black girl he got in the photos and that’s it his wife shld automatically think Miami boys trip they catting off of your insecure about that do let him go!! I would have just humored the young lady like sorry sweetie that’s my Prince Charming you gotta find your own. Her actions proves to me his ass be cheating ??‍♀️

  5. Shes weird?! But you CLEARLY were acting single and did not mention at all that you were married. So how about man up and dont blame that poor lady that had that connection with you. I mean what did she do wrong? It’s obvious that few minute conversation made that connection. It can happen its not at all possible and nothing wrong with it. He is not worth it sis. Know your worth ladies. And watch out.

  6. His wife needs to get on with her own life and have her own fun. Leave this loser who cant even make one coherent sentence. Thats the sign of a true LIAR. You only gonna be hurt over
    and over again. Teach your kids right. They need to see how to drop a man who disrespects you, and dont be afraid to move on!!

  7. Lol look at all these women making it the man fault that she was being weird typical but hey stick together. Women are pitiful as fuck nowadays no accountability at all

    • If he was single it would have been all good. Just like her called her over to talk to her. He shouldn’t have given her his phone number or flirted with her knowing he’s married, now she’s weird for accepting his advances? He’s wrong because he’s married. She’s not weird because she thought he was a good catch.

  8. All she did was made public she met a guy( who she thought and was hoping to be a potential guy friend) saw a possible anything with him and states she’s looking for him. She did put claims on nothing, did not say he wanted her or was hitting on her. Simply posted the only photo she had of him and for TikTok to help her find him. He gets online and make Part1-3 videos, dissing her, denying his intent, being all deceitful. He is a fking liar. That was uncalled for. I hope his wife saw right thru it.

  9. Just another jerk. I feel sorry for his wife and kids because he is definitely copping too hard (where’s your ring man). This isn’t a reason to divorce him but he broke trust and that is hard to repair. The way he is acting in these videos says a lot about him as a person and not good. I feel sorry for this girl because she put herself out there to MEET someone she thought was worth while and ended up getting treated like trash. He is absolutely NOT A GENTLEMAN!

  10. He’s a married man having fun on a boy’s trip and flirting in public. It looks harmless to me. I’m a Woman and I don’t wear my wedding ring in the ocean or swimming pool either. Married people having non sexual flirty fun in the ocean, on vacation is harmless. People who been married for years like me understand playing around in the ocean on vacation. Like he said, if it was serious, he would’ve invited her over to where he and his boys were sitting. She’s just thirsty AF searching for a Man she had a 5 minute encounter with on vacation. Girl Bye.

    • excuse me lol sounds like your marriage is open because im sorry aint no being married on vacation in the ocean flirting talking about harmless if somebody else outside or your relationship or marriage is catching your eye enough to flirt youll cheat thats that aint no way you should be brushing off on somebody whos not your husband or wife lmfao

    • Trust this story would have been different had she not lost his phone number. I’m sure this is not the first time he has been caught out there for his wife to portray that she’s done with his ?

  11. Hmmmmm, she wasn’t trying to blow up your spot. She met a man on vacation whom she found interest in and wanted to to find him and explore it further. Obviously she thought you were single.

    Five minutes is enough time to share your marital status. Had that been done, and if you had on your wedding ring, this probably would not have happened..

  12. It’s was all cool til you got real snug with her hugging and stuff then gave out your number that was with intent. He ain’t ish and what’s done in the dark always comes to the light. Wasn’t his first time and no telling what all happened on that trip other than the ocean incident.

  13. Weak asf it shouldn’t have taken all this if u weren’t interested however u seemed like u known her forever and that movie had nothing to do with black men not cheating u might need to rewatch that anywho carry on

  14. This is a PRIME example of Karma!!! Dude tried to make light of the situation but didn’t have his wedding ring on in the pic/video. Sir ? YOU ? DONT ? HOLD ? HANDS ? WITH ? IRRELEVANT ? PEOPLE ? THAT ? YOU’VE ? ONLY ? SPOKE ? TO ? FOR ? FIVE ? MINUTES ? UNLESS YOU WERE ? INTERESTED ? IN ? MORE ? THAN ? A ? CONVO!

    • HE’S?IN?THE?OCEAN?!! Most ppl do remove their jewelry in that situation… ?‍♀️?‍♀️Chances are if he was on on a “boys trip” like his wife stated, he was probably drinking too. Can’t a man just be friendly without people always assuming he wants to pursue a female sexually?!!! Smfh… As a married woman, I wouldn’t appreciate his behavior but I wouldn’t assume he was tryna cheat off of that little vid clip… He’s in the open ocean with friend that’ll vouch for him and a wife that isn’t around, if he truly wanted to cheat I’m sure he could’ve. She wouldn’t of put up a short clip to the world to search for a man SHE was attracted to and wants to pursue all because he had small talk with her, she would’ve gotten what she wanted before the end of that vacation..

  15. Not saying he’s right, but I don’t know a lot of men who wear their wedding rings in the water. That’s a great way to lose it.

    Just for those who say he should have it on.

    • Yea well he should’ve said that..part of accountability for HIS ROLE in this fiasco. But hed rather place blame elsewhere..smh

  16. It clearly was a desperate move if he gave u tha number, if u called n he didnt answer r call back it only meant that he wasn’t interested. As for him he didnt make it clear from tha beginning that he was married. These days couples r into having three sums n living tha poly life so ppl need to think before they judge. Ans if u r not married r ever been who r u to give a married person advice. Yes i wld be embarrassed if i was his wife due to it being all on social media of tha disrespect.

  17. Coming from a woman whose been in a 16yr relationship, went through the ups and downs, I truthfully believe he’s telling the truth.. Females will often create an elaborate story to make themselves look innocent for reaching out to another woman’s husband… Granted, he should’ve had his ring on, but he was in the middle of the ocean.. My husband takes his ring off before he showers.. Yes, he should’ve just minded his own damn business and stayed over by his friends, but when you’re in a secure relationship you don’t think a simple conversation would look like an attempt to cheat.. Females need to stop pretending like just because a man spoke to you means he was interested in pursuing a fling, relationship, etc with you… I’ve legitimately had a female call my husband’s phone numerous times, leaving voicemails from diff numbers for him to call her back. Yes, he was in the wrong because he DID hand out his number.. But then sis wanna lie and say “I don’t even know how he got my number, he asked my friends and I told them not to give it to them.. They must’ve gave it to him but I’m far from interested, he’s not my type”.. Ma’am, with the most disrespect, STFU!!! I easily accessed phone records and seen you not only called HIM initially, you’ve called him numerous times and left voicemails from 2 diff numbers because you got a sneaky link phone that your man don’t know about.. Stop It!!! Y’all stay tryna make men look worse than they already do in a situation with you elaborate stories.. As a woman, if we gone leave, we gone leave no matter wtf you tell us, so just keep it simple and say exactly what happened, nothing more..

    • Wow..sorry that happened to you, but i dont recall her saying she wanted to marry him. Dont flip this into what happened with your hubby. You’re honestly saying he was more credible than her..cmon, Ms Brittany…he down played it all. Come clean..he was tryna see if he still had it and it backfired. ..we make no excuses for men like this. You might need a therapist or increase them visits sis, because you still sound angry

  18. The man didnt have a ring when he took his photo the wife posted. The hug in photo was loose the friend hug open hug pat. Vacation you meet people in convo. Now where you take it from there is where the break down is. Wife this is between you and you husband sorry it’s now a social media spectacle which he exposed himself too and inadvertently you by doing photo ops on vacation.

  19. The nerve of him getting caught up now “she wobbled”, I bet she wasn’t wobbling before your bobble head a** got caught up‼️

  20. He should have never been in the picture if he was married. He should have stopped the friend from recording and said he was just trying to have some fun, I’m married please don’t record me.

  21. With the way social media is set up, I don’t doubt that she could be trying to come up by using Tik Tok. However, her story sounds plausible. He is nice looking, and she probably just wanted to get to know him. I can see if it had been a few years, it was only a few months since they met. Had she seen a ring on his finger, we may not be here trying to figure it out. On the other hand, he COULD have and SHOULD have saved his response. Being that he has a podcast, tells me he isn’t a shy, introverted person. Therefore, his body language and words say he’s lying! I wouldn’t be surprised if other women come out the woodwork after this. Now, being a married woman and a woman who has been cheated on before, we shouldn’t tell the wife how to move forward. I pray she finds peace.

  22. He’s a lowdown dirty dog if you ask me he knew better but still yet took off that ring saw a beautiful young lady talk with her took pictures gave her his number and never thought to even mention that he was a married man with children nor did he think about his actions he just did it not to even point this out but he got caught so easy and I believe that he been doing his wife like that and she’s used to it so she doesn’t even step out of character she just don’t want him to try to lie his way out of it so she’s asking to keep the video up for proof cheating tail self he thought it wasn’t gone be as easy as it was to get caught up smmfh Boii I tell you

  23. ??for not wearing the ring! Period! His body language says it all lol now he using his situation as a broadcast.
    5 months later though? Hmmm sounds like she was hoping to have a fairytale. Must of have seen a movie or was reading a romance novel that inspired her lol

  24. A simple it was a bet to my boys i lost and had to go holla and take a pic with the young lady, i ddnt mention my wife bc it was just a bet…oh damn i forgot…he gave up his cell #!??‍♀️ boy bye.
    The Mrs. already knows who she’s dealing with, her response SAYS ALOT. While this specific incident may have been in your eyes “CAP”, sir, you are on your way to loosing your Queen and children. The best thing would’ve been to take your own accountability then apologize to the young lady for making her THINK you were single and MOST IMPORTANTLY APOLOGIZED TO YOUR QUEEN, for Embarrassing the hell out of her, not exposing info in your DM, saying how good your looks are and most certainly not a film plug!! POINT BLANK PERIOD ..I pray that your Queen has talked to God about this and leaves it in his hand bc this battle is not hers. You sir need to watch the video then your own and u need some honest homies to tell you “YOU MUCKED UP!

  25. If she was drunk and lost his number, why do you give so much credibility to her story. If she was too drunk to save a number in her phone , maybe she is remembering this 5 minutes to be more than it really was.

  26. I’m married. My husband doesn’t take off his ring because it fits and doesn’t slide off that easily. He wouldn’t take it off in the ocean, because there is no need to. He actually got irritated with me for taking it off to shower, and my reason was because a woman’s ring is more ornate and delicate. You don’t want to lose a stone or something like that. It is usually worth more than a man’s ring, which is often a simple band with little to no embellishments.

    In this situation, though, you have snippets of 3 sides of the story. Setting aside the OP and the hubby’s version of events, the wife’s response and reaction is telling. She is neither surprised nor angry with the woman. She gives her his number again! This is indicative of someone who has dealt with this type of thing before, especially her comment about him not being able to lie his way out of it this time – implying there have been other times where lying was an issue. At the very least he has been caught in this type of situation before and she has made it clear to him that she doesn’t approve and doesn’t buy that it is and innocent thing. THAT is where the truth resides. His wife provides the context of the whole situation. She knows her husband whereas we do not. Her reaction tells me that his response is trash and that the guilt belongs squarely in his lap.


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