This Woman’s Picture Is All Over Instagram And She Is Beautiful


Instagram can be such a treasure trove of interesting content, you see things that you would never ordinarily see in your everyday life.

One of my friends sent me the above picture that came across her timeline and we both agreed that this lady was the most beautiful thing we have seen all day.

With a little research we noticed that another instagrammer did a portrait of her a while ago and her caption described exactly what we saw in the picture. A woman with so much life and so much beauty with the thickest hair an 86 year old could possibly have. The artist is @nikkidepriestess check out her picture and caption:


Portrait painting of an elder by the ñame of Viola aka abuela of the pueblo de Luquillo. she captured my attention when I saw her long thick hair down her back.

she told me she had it cut once and never cut it again. This woman is 86 years old, lives in the same home she was raised in and wears red nail polish and dresses every day!

She told me one day that she loves to dance, drink beer and make friends. she and I had good talks. in her words, “we’ll have a big party for you when you return!” ok Viola, till soon!

If that isnt #goals for 86, then I do not know what is!


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