Women Are Recreating Rihanna’s British Vogue Cover And They Are Stunning


By now most of you have seen Rihanna’s epic British Vogue September cover but just in case you haven’t let me give you the quick run down.

The September covers this year have been nothing short of amazing and this shoot in particular had the Beauty community super inspired. For the shoot Rihanna collabed with Nick Knight to create some very eccentric and fashionable photos.

She brought back the razor thin brow and the looks were super high fashion similar to what she would probably do for the Met Gala.

Check out some of the pics:

This video will also provide some background on the creative process as well:

Now that you have the background you can now understand why creatives decided to recreate the looks using makeup and accessories.

So far I have seen three looks that I absolutely love. The first was done by @glowprincess and photographed by @edwiggery and her pictures shared on Instagram are absolutely stunning.

She captured the look perfectly and made it her own.

The second one is by @jaythomasbeauty another very creative look that was tweaked to her own liking:

The third and final look is by @alissaashley and not only did she share stunning pictures she did a video of the entire process. Check it out:


Stunning! Great job girls!


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