Would You Do It? Couple Goes Viral After Woman Says Her Check Is Directly Deposited To Her Man’s Account


Disclaimer! everybody’s situation is different so what works for one couple might not necessarily work for another.

An engaged couple took to Tiktok to give a glimpse of how they handle finances and let’s just say what they shared was shocking to some of their viewers.

Digital creator @lolo_daninja shared a video of his fiancé describing how they hand their money.

She shared that they both pay bills but her whole check gets directly deposited to his account.

She goes on to explain, he has all the money in one place for investments and savings and he gives her an allowance of $100 a week for food and miscellaneous items. 

She ended the video by saying he handles all the money as the man should.

Watch below:


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The comments on the video were not great, some saying ‘blink if you need help” and another saying she would rather ‘eat a jeans jacket’ for lunch.

see below:

Another commenter said:

@alwaystherobin:Financial abuse at its finest. And the fact that she’s been Stockholmed into accepting this as the norm is what outrages me most.

and another:

@divinitybaby:May I have more than $100 of my own money??? 😳😳😳Make that statement make sense?

One user made the point that if they both pay bills, why not have a joint account? 

Their arrangement is pretty interesting, would you do it? Comment below!



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