Would You Ever Try Ice Treatments On Your Natural Hair

ice treatments for hair

Ice treatments for hair have been around for years and the concept really started by a company called Inverse who created a hair conditioning system that uses ice sticks to lock in moisture, get rid of frizz, and leave your hair noticeably shiny.

How do the ice treatments for hair work?

The tool created by Inverse uses non-electrical irons that contain removable inner plates that you have to place in the freezer for at least two hours before using it.

Once the plates are frozen you simply use it on your hair like you would a flat iron. It even comes with a spritzer you can use with the tool.

According to Cosmo, unlike traditional hair irons that use heat to smooth hair, the Inverse Conditioning System uses the cold.

Similarly to when you have a cold rinse at the hairdressers, but way more intense, and without the sharp shock on your scalp -meaning you get all the shine, with none of the shrieking.

It’s not a quick-fix though, unlike your trusty ghd’s, you won’t be left with silk-like hair in 5 mins flat. The Inverse system improves hair health over time, boosting hydration each time and eliminating frizz as it goes.

Now that you have the basics, you are probably wondering why this is even a thing now? Recently we saw a video of a stylist doing ice therapy on curly natural hair and we were slightly intrigued.

Watch below:


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The company in an interview with InStyle magazine said that the tool was created with the curly girl in mind.

See below via Instyle.com:

What if you’ve got curly hair? Roe proclaims that the tool was conceived with curly hair in mind. “My wife experimented with an ice rinse after being told that cold water was beneficial to hair. After one rinse, she experienced reduced frizz and increased shine. Her curls held together and clumped in a way I’d never noticed before. The result was stunning and prompted further investigation. It wasn’t until we began developing the product that we found that all textures and lengths benefit from Inverse conditioning.” Roe says Inverse will not disrupt the hair’s curl pattern or hamper volume, and shares that his users find that their curls have better definition, bounce, and less frizz.

With that said, while the science holds true about a traditional cool shot and its ability to “lock in moisture”, the company has no real content featuring women with 3b-4C hair.

Yall know we need visuals so it has been hard to determine what they actually recommend for multicultural consumers or even best practices for us.

And let me tell ya, the girls have asked! Peep this Instagram post:

The first 2 comments are from black women asking for demos:

1. ameryn_dixon
Can y’all do a video of a type 4 black girl doing this? Like really curly hair. Because it might be a different process I’m not sure.

2. curlshegoes
Hi does this product work to maintain moisture for curly hair in a wash n go ?

(There was no response from their social team!)

Final thoughts

Personally, I am not a fan of “extreme” or gimmicky tools for hair care only because I truly believe that success is easier when methods are simpler, and things get even sticker when something is created that doesn’t have my hair type in mind.

I will continue to take my chances in the shower but we are curious about what you think, would you try it? Comment below! – (Click here if you want one)

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