Would You Try This $400 Infrared Hair Dryer Accelerator


Would you try the Infrared Dryer Accelerator? So far I have watched two naturals use it and I also watched the review from the guy who created it and it seems interesting.

Infared technology is not new, most of us probably get exposed to it through yoga studios especially if you do hot yoga, tanning salons, certain spas, ceramic and tourmaline dryers and even your stove. Infared simply means heat created through light and radiation but not nuclear or x-ray level radiation. The point is not all radiation is created equal so manufacturers consider this type of technology pretty safe for use.

With that said an Infrared Dryer is designed to:
1. Cut your drying time in half
2. Reduce the amount of time you spend drying your hair, processing color or deep conditioning.
3. Provide full range of motion
4. It can dry the entire length of your hair

This is how it works:

Why I think we would love this technology

Apart from the benefit I mentioned about it drying the entire length of the hair if you are drying a wash and go, the dryer is virtually silent which is a plus. Additionally, the heat doesn’t burn your face or ears like bonnet dryers tend to do and what was most interesting was there is less shrinkage.

Watch what I mean below:

Amber also did a mini review of hers which she used for deep conditioning, watch that video below as well:


I know the dryer retails for about $400 which is the same as the Rev Air dryer I did a review on and the infamous Dyson which is kinda pricey but not necessarily a deal breaker.

I’ve seen a mix of opinions varying from “its too expensive” to “let me go on ahead and buy this now”. To be honest not many people complained about the price which I am not surprised about because take it from me, folks buy what they want.. period!

So would you try this dryer? Comment below and let me know!


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