Youtuber Called Out For Cringeworthy Remarks Regarding “African American Hair” – “I was Blessed with My texture type of hair”


Beauty influencer Briana Wright also known as Briana Monique’ on my social media, is facing some serious backlash after making cringe-worthy remarks about what she calls “African American Hair”.

The video posted to youtube was a vlog-style video that included a review of a few back-owned products she has been using.

In the clip posted below, you will hear Briana share her thoughts on her hair texture in comparison to her mother’s texture.

She described her mother’s hair as nappy and called herself lucky for having the texture she has.

She even went as far as saying her mother told her not to complain always telling her how lucky she is.

She shared:

Also, my mom is black so she really has.. I was blessed with my texture type of hair, my mom actually really has African American American hair, don’t take this the wrong way sis, my momma got naps she be struggling trying to find the right products.

she is always like, you are just so lucky, don’t be complaining about your hair…. Um but I will say I am super blessed when it comes to my hair texture because Oh my gosh…

Watch for yourself below:

Twitter wasted no time addressing what some users call self-hate and the obvious disdain, some folks have for kinky textured hair.




Let’s be clear, there is no such thing as “African American Hair”.

Briana has since apologized for her remarks and removed the portion of the video with the colorist remarks. 

She shared her apology on her YouTube community tab, read below:

Hey loves!

I’m coming on here to sincerely apologize to any and all beautiful black African American woman with any hair texture that I offended by my comment on my latest vlog.

In no way did I mean to make it seem like my hair is better then any one else’s.

I most definitely used the wrong words and that was my mistake. I am not anti-black or a colorist.

If you all didn’t know I was raised in a black house hold, my mother is black and my step dad who raised me is black.

My biological father is white but was never raised by that side of my family and still have never had any relationship with that side of me.

Me and my mom talk everyday and have normal conversations and my mom used the words “naps” when it comes to her hair.

My dad growing up would make little jokes about my hair being a mess calling me a nappy hair little girl but it’s all jokes and no one took it personal.

Everyone makes mistake and if you truly know me you know that the comment I said didn’t come from a bad or negative place.

I used the wrong words and sometimes people just have to be educated to not make certain mistakes anymore.

I felt comfortable saying what I said based on conversations me and my mom have behind the camera, and my mom loves her hair never said she didn’t and I never said she had bad or ugly hair.

My statement was just based off of conversations me and my mom had and she would just always tell me be thankful your hair is more manageable and not to ever complain about my hair because other people have daily struggles with their hair.

Never did I not cherish my hair it’s just something my mom would always instill in me because of her hair journey.

This was definitely a lesson learned for me. I promise I’m not a mean girl or think I’m better.

Like I said if you knew me in real life I am nothing but nice, genuine and always willing to help others.

I just used poor word choices. I never meant to make people feel like their hair isn’t beautiful or they aren’t blessed to have their hair texture.

I stand behind all black women because I am a black women myself a proud one at that. We are all beautiful in our own ways and I truly am sorry for those I made feel like their hair isn’t beautiful.

This was definitely a lesson learned for me.

I’ve always supported black business and will continue to. And I will continue to apologize to anyone else that was offended by my comments.

And for those that said I turned of my comments to run away from what I said wasn’t the case.

People have now started bulling me and saying things that doesn’t even relate to what I said and I don’t want to keep reading the negativity.

Thank you to all that have educated me on what I should have said and more.

Also thank you to the ones who gave me products to share with my mom to help her with her hair also.

I planned on making a video of me apologizing but I’m dealing with an eye infection right now and look CRAZY to be on camera and didn’t want to wait to long and you guys think I don’t care.

Again, I sincerely apologize to anyone I offended. I’ll be sure to educate myself more on certain topics so this doesn’t happen again.

Thank you all to the ones who still support me!

XO Briana Monique’

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