Youtuber Chime Edwards Breaks Down The History Of Colorism In A Detailed New Video


If you are wondering where colorism within the black community comes from I challenge you to watch Chime’s video. The premise of the video is giving a reason black men may prefer fair women but there is a lot to learn from it where the issue of colorism overall is concerned.

Chime makes the point that much of the problems we have in the black community all over the world is caused by white supremacy and subtle racist nuances we are fed through televised media, digital media, music, and cultural practices.

We are rapidly trying to change the way we view our brothers and sisters who are darker in complexion but we still have work to do.

Just this week I published a post about an 11 yr old girl who was being teased because of her dark skin which means there is still an entire generation of children still perpetuating these white supremacist ideas. The great thing is this young lady is using the mediums available to her to fight back publicly denouncing this behavior, so there is hope.

Watch Chimes video below:

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