The uncertainty of these days with the pandemic, lockdowns here and there, and just all the changes we have been forced to navigate have many of us anxious.

This is especially concerning for those of us who suffer from chronic anxiety generally.

Zendaya is one of those people and recently she was asked during an interview with InStyle magazine: how she is dealing with stress and uncertainty during this time.

Zendaya shared the following:


My anxiety first started when I was younger and I had to take a test at school. I remember panicking, and my teacher had to walk me out of the room and say, “Calm down deep breaths.”

I don’t think it really came up again until I was about 16 when I was working and there was a project I had turned down.

That was kind of my first time dealing with the internet, and it made me feel sick. I deleted everything and stayed in my room.

Live performing really gave me anxiety too. I think a lot of it stems from the pressure I put on myself, wanting to do my best and not make a mistake. I definitely don’t have it under control yet.

I don’t have the key, so if anybody does, let me know! I do find that talking about it is helpful, and that can often mean calling my mom in the middle of the night. Sometimes I make her sleep on the phone with me like a frickin’ baby. [laughs]

It’s been tough to stay creative and motivated [during this time] because there are so many things that can take you down emotionally.

And then, of course, everything that has happened [following the death of George Floyd] has been devastating.

It’s been an interesting few months, to say the least. But I’ve been trying to remain not just positive but grateful.

I’m grateful for my health and for the fact that I can quarantine safely. I know that I’ll be OK financially once this is over, but for a lot of people that isn’t the case. So anytime I start complaining, I just stop.


Zendaya also shared what she is hopeful for

PC: As someone who’s in this work and really trying to figure out what is possible and what is needed, I love that. What do you feel most hopeful about right now?

Z: I think this is a new chapter for me. There are a lot of people learning how to be creative during this time and learning how to take a leap while doing it safely in quarantine.

It was interesting to experience that with my film Malcolm & Marie, and I’m really proud of that. I also have so many beautiful projects to look forward to.

How the world is going to be able to see them, I don’t really know. But that’s when it’s time to get even more innovative and figure out how we are going to exist in this industry with this new world.

For me, it’s important not to entirely give up hope and faith in humanity. A lot of young people feel like the system has never worked for them, so why should they even bother?

If there is anything positive that has come out of this time, it’s that I feel a little bit of hope too.

About activism

There are changes happening. I’m so inspired by my peers and their commitment. My niece is going into high school, and when I see her Instagram posts and the things she’s talking about, it’s really special.

She is only 15, and we can have a dialogue about what’s happening. So clearly there is hope in the youth.

That makes me want to keep going. And more than anything, I just want to tell people that your voice does matter.

The little things do matter. And continue to use your emotions. They are sometimes considered a weakness, but in this time they are very powerful.

How are you managing your anxiety during this time? Read Zendaya’s full interview here.



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