3 Avocado Rich Products That’ll Get Your Hair Right In Under 10 Minutes


Avocado oil and extract are arguably the most underrated ingredient when it comes to formulating a good moisturizer or conditioner for natural hair.

It’s packed with healthy fats and proteins that’ll not only strengthen your hair, but will penetrate each strand for intense moisturizing and nourishment. When used by itself, it’s great!

But when mixed into thick, creamy hair masks and conditioners, the avocado extracts and oils double down on the benefits and start moisturizing and defining curls almost immediately.

Some of the best, fast-acting products have avocado as one of their key ingredients. In fact, here are 3 avocado based products that’ll get your hair right in under 10 minutes!

Garnier Fructis Smoothing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask w/ Avocado Extract


This one-minute hair mask smooths and softens even the driest, most brittle head of hair. While it does a great job moisturizing your hair, the main benefit is actually frizz prevention and control—making it a great product to start your wash and go. Apply to your hair, let it sit for one minute, and rinse.

How Avocado Is Used:

In this product, the fact that avocado oil is one of the few oils able to penetrate the shaft of our hair strands and moisturize from the inside out is a huge benefit.

It works in tandem with other ingredients like water, shea butter, and coconut oil to effortlessly nourish and revitalize your kinks and curls in just 60 seconds.

3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner


This deep conditioner is well on it’s way to being a holy grail product for those of us who struggle with chronically dry and brittle natural hair.

They don’t call this deep conditioner “hydration heaven” for nothing! This paraben, aluminum, and dye-free product absorbs into your clean, wet hair and locks the moisture in no matter what style you do next.

How Avocado Is Used:

In this product, the fact that avocado oil is a natural humectant is a huge benefit. It keeps hair soft and smooth by preserving the moisture and hydration that the other ingredients, like jojoba oil and aloe juice, create.

RAWSUGAR Healing Power Hair Masque

Image result for Raw sugar avocado masque

This wholesome and nutritive hair masque heals your dry and neglected hair in many different ways: it repairs damage, strengthens weak hair, promotes intense hydration and moisture, and creates softness and shine.

It is packed with natural hair ingredients like avocado and banana oil, coconut milk, and honey, while also being free of parabens, sulfates, and silicones.

Work through hair immediately after washing. Let sit for 5-10 minutes and then rinse, moisturize, and seal.

How Avocado Is Used:

Avocado is filled with proteins and essential fatty acids that protect the scalp and strengthen hair strands from root to tip. These benefits both heal your curls and promote strong, healthy hair growth.


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