Hi guys! Here are some of the posts you may have missed on EmilyCottonTop this week, click the picture of the post that interests you! Enjoy! 1. Women are saying this treatment is causing their hair to grow overnight: 2. Olaj and her blue Kinky Twists 3. Read what Gabby had to...

Melt Your Lace! 8 Tips and Tricks To Make Your Lace Front Look Natural

Want to make your lacefront wigs and weaves look natural? Here's a quick 8-tip guide to help you perfect your next install. Tint and Bleach If...
Avocado Rich Products

3 Avocado-Rich Products That’ll Get Your Hair Right In Under 10 Minutes

Avocado oil and extract are arguably the most underrated ingredient when it comes to formulating a good moisturizer or conditioner for natural hair. It's...

6 Must-Have Products That’ll Keep Your Hair and Skin Poppin’ This Summer

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Lola Faith

This Beauty Blogger Is Now Bald After A Failed Live Tutorial On Instagram

How many times do we have I told ya'll do not relax and bleach your hair at the same time? I'm kidding! But all...

The Benefits of Cleansing With Hemp Oil

When you first hear the term "oil cleansing", you might think the idea is completely absurd and counterproductive. After all, how on earth would...

How One Style And One Product Helped My Type 4 Hair Grow Quickly

When I first went natural, I had no idea what to do with my hair and so I did pretty much nothing to it....
picture of a woman holding her hair

5 Popular Natural Hair Trends That Actually Weren’t That Great

Most women with natural hair are pretty much used to running through tons of products that don't work and trying what seems like a...