Ciara’s Hair is Super Cute On The January cover of Self Magazine


Ciara’s hair on the cover of Self Magazine because is pretty similar to some of the protective styles that have been trending last year and that is continuing to trend in 2021.

On Instagram Self-Magazine shared a few details about the cover with the following caption:

Ciara is our January cover star! ⭐️ In her interview with @letashy, the singer, mother, and businesswoman discusses stepping up to the challenges she’s faced throughout the pandemic—which include making sure her kids keep up with remote learning, launching several business projects, and, you know, giving birth.

“I literally made my first push with Win and then [my obstetrician] was like, ‘She needs a mask on. Get a mask on,’” Ciara tells SELF. “My mask was pretty good. I could still breathe alright through it, so that was good. But it was like, ‘Wow. This is crazy. I’m having to deliver a baby with a mask. What in the world?’”

Photographer: @a_kid_named_trav
Wardrobe styling: @coreytstokes
Props: @davidbrowne
Hair: @cesar4styles
Makeup: @yolondafrederick
Manicure: @mihonails
Creative Director: @avenerable


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According to Ciara’s stylist Cesar, Her hair was created using “Double Strand Twists” which is “a beautiful alternative to a braided style and also a no heat set for making waves”
He also shared that used @paulmitchell #superskinnyserum to achieve this look.

ciara for self magazine

Cesar also did a braided style as well:

ciara on self magazine

If you want to recreate Ciara’s protective style at home, there are a few versions on youtube but it is similar to Kimberly Cherrell’s latest protective style she shared a day or so ago.

watch below:

Or if you like the Travis Scott braided version, you can click here.


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