After Being Homeless, Black Mom Janay White Now Runs 8 Successful Companies

Janay White
Photo credit: Facebook - J White Enterprises

There’s going from rags to riches, and then there’s this. 

Janay White used to be homeless. 

But now, she is the CEO of 8 companies

Janay White’s Important First Step

Janay White
Photo credit: Facebook – J White Enterprises

The mom of two was born with the opposite of a silver spoon. 

When she turned 18, White received a $500 loan from Vystar credit union. 

But because of her ignorance and lack of education, she ruined her credit score.

She also worked two jobs:

A fraud investigator and a social worker for the Florida Department of Children and Families 

A revenue auditor in UPS’s Accounting and Finance Department

For the next 7 years, she was steeped in bad credit.

But when she turned 25, she chose to change her situation. 

Janay White started to rebuild her credit and learned how to boost her scores. 

White’s credit score rose, and this made her obsessed with everything credit-related. 

She was happy to know that all her subsequent credit applications were approved. 

Getting Financial Independence

Janay White
Photo credit: Facebook – J White Enterprises

Thanks to White’s knowledge from increasing her credit score, she became passionate about teaching others how to create wealth. 

After all, she has a foolproof formula. 

Janay White currently runs several businesses that include:

  • Free Game BY J White
  • J White Institute
  • J White Properties and More
  • J White Business Center
  • J White Construction INC.
  • J White Marketing INC.
  • Luigi’s Concrete and More
  • J White Enterprises

And that’s not all. 

White has bought more than 26 Air BnB’s and various investment properties. 

She has also coached mentees in real estate and helped them to buy properties with business credit worth over $2.5 million. 

Her company, J White Enterprises, also won Best Boss Awards Group’s Best Credit Company of 2021. 

She was even picked as the City of Jacksonville’s 2022 Entrepreneur of the Year. 

Teaching Others About Credit

Janay White
Photo credit: Facebook – J White Enterprises

Janay White shares her knowledge through classes, seminars, and one-on-one sessions. 

White believes that if we have the proper willpower, dedication, and information, we can all become financially independent. 

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