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When working on children's hair, you should keep in mind that it doesn't require all of the stuff that ours might. Keep It Simple  Think about it: protein treatments, hair masks, a million and 1 products, and 50 different bonnets for 50 different occasions—we need a lot to help us manage...
Fulani inspired braid styles have been killing the game this Summer and while the adults have been enjoying them, I have been loving the little girls who have been rocking the styles as well. I think these braids are perfect for kids because not only do they love beads and...
Little Yanna Buttons is the cutest little thing I have seen all day. She is an aspiring model and actress with #afropuff goals to die for! Check out her style: Find little Yanna on Instagram here.
Child Fro Hawk
Hands down one the cutest styles you can do on a little girl has to be a mini fashionista fro hawk. I found a pretty cute tutorial done by IAMWOG on Youtube that was a must share. Check it out! In addition to that style, these little girls are killing...

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