This Is A First! Miss Teen USA, Miss America And Miss USA Are All Black Women


Just last week we were all swooning over Miss Teen USA Kaliegh Garris and how cute she looked as she won Miss Teen USA while rocking her natural curls. Kaliegh made history herself because we have not seen a crown placed on naturally curly hair in almost two decades.

Read this excerpt from Refinery 29 where Kaliegh described her process:

The night before, I finger curled every single piece of my hair in the shower, which led to a very long shower, but it was for the greater good,” the 18-year-old from Connecticut tells Refinery29. “I know what I look like with straight hair, with extensions, and with my curly hair, and I feel more confident and comfortable with my natural hair.” On Sunday night, Garris walked on the stage proudly wearing her curls, and she walked away with the Miss Teen USA title, marking the first time in two decades that the crown was placed on natural hair.

Ok so that’s Kaliegh! Now this Thursday Chelsie Kryst was announced as Miss USA and Chelsie also decided to put the flat iron away and rock her natural curls during the pageant.

What’s really remarkable about this is that both women follow behind Nia Franklin who currently holds the Miss America title awarded last year in September. Nia is a New York native and holds a masters degree in music composition from UNC.

To be honest, this isn’t a surprise to us because we know black women are gorgeous and accomplished (brush your shoulders off) but it’s great to see it actually recognised in such a fashion. Congratulations to all three ladies who are a great representation of the cultural shifts that we have made in recent years and of course and ode to Black Girl Magic!


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