#WantToGoBald – How To Care For A Shaved Head

Mette Towley Bald head

Do you have a shaved head? I am over here literally mesmerized by how bold and beautiful women who shave their heads are.

Starting with miss Tamar Braxton, India Irie, Sanaa as well as all the women who have dared to shave their heads, the confidence is unreal and the beauty that they exude is nothing short of inspiring.

If you plan to shave your head, you have my 100% support and I am also going to take it as an opportunity to give you some great tips before you take the plunge! Here are my top tips for caring for your shaved head.

Go all-natural with your products

best shampoos for shaved head

There isn’t a better time for Indie products to survive and thrive! Take full advantage of what’s on the market right now! Women are creating products that are free of chemicals, healthy for the scalp, and great for the tiny hairs that are constantly growing on your head.

Shampoo bars can help you to cleanse your scalp without any worry about harmful ingredients that will come in contact with your living breathing scalp.

All-natural oils and oil mixes are amazing for scalp health and help you to avoid fungus and bacteria that can develop from clogged pores.

Forget the conditioner

I know what you are thinking! – Nope!

Trust me you do not need conditioner if you use healthy cleansing products and healthy oils and butters.

Read this post to see what I mean. When you decide to shave your head, arm yourself with an all-natural cleanser, an oil, or a natural butter! That is all you need!

NOTE! – You will need conditioner if you chemically process your hair!

shaved head with color

If you decide to color your hair or do any sort of chemical treatments to your hair as it grows out, you will need to use conditioner to avoid dryness.

Protect your head from the sun

protect your shaved head

Summer is on its way and you want to ensure that you protect your scalp from the direct impact of the sun.

Just as you would protect your skin with sunscreen, ensure that you protect your head as well with dabs of sunscreen or wearing hats on particularly hot days.

Sunburns are not fun and as powerful as our melanin is, our new environment calls for more protection than we would have used centuries ago.

Get a good scalp massage

mette towley shaved head
Mette Towley

Keeping blood flow to the follicles and encouraging hair growth isn’t a bad thing even though you may be heading to the barbershop monthly to maintain your cut.

Massaging your scalp keeps oxygen flowing to your head and will allow the healthy oils that you are applying to spread evenly on your scalp.

Get a good barber

Mrs Tahira shaved head

Shaving your own head might be fun, but a barber can give you the ultimate shapeup to perfect the look.

Find a barber who is creative and who will help you take care of your cut periodically. They can also help you to have a little bit of fun with your cut as shown in the picture. 

Remain bold

This isn’t the time to get shy and introverted! Wear your look with your head held high! Some women have made affirmations of feeling free and not having hair as a crutch for how they look.

They feel sexier, fierce, and confident. Every woman has it in them and if shaving your head brings you there, then embrace it!

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