We Recreated Lori Harvey’s Vacay Style With Nothing But Caribbean Owned Brands

If you’ve spent any time on social media lately, then you definitely have seen Lori Harvey more than a few times.
While she’s always a hot topic for a number of reasons, her style is absolutely one of them because if Lori doesn’t do anything else, she is going to serve us some looks. 
Everything from her hair down to her shoes is copy-worth, but let’s be real—we can’t all afford to be designer’d down like every celebrity and influencer.
However, this doesn’t mean we can’t still get the look.
Take Lori Harvey’s vacay style, for example.
We’ve figured out how to get a similar look for a fraction of the cost so you can be a baddie on a budget. Plus, every item comes from a Caribbean-owned brand, so that’s a win-win!
Recreate Ms. Harvey’s super stylish vacay style with a few of these must-have items, only from Caribshopper.

Body oil for that glow:

One thing about Lori Harvey, she makes sure her skin stays glowing. When we say “drop the skincare routine, sis!” we’re definitely talking about body care, too!
There are a number of ways to get the glow, but personally, I think Starfish Oils Love Body Oils is the best of the best. 
Have you ever seen someone who just looks like they smell good? Their skin is always soft, supple, and well moisturized—this oil does exactly that.
It’s enhanced with essential oils like ylang-ylang, sweet orange, and cinnamon that promote skin health by eliminating harmful bacteria and inflammation. 
It’s also formulated with all-natural ingredients and has a warm, sensual scent that pairs well with subtly scented body butters and creams. 

Statement earrings: 

When it comes to putting together an outfit, sometimes simple is the best way to go—especially when you’re vacationing somewhere that’s warm and sunny.
However, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking good! 
In fact, Lori Harvey does a great job of this by pairing an otherwise simple look with super stylish accessories, like statement pieces like EXOTICHILD Large ‘Oops Earrings.
Now, these statement earrings in particular are one of a kind.
Made with mystical raw materials (like citrine quartz and Rudraksha beads) that are known for healing and protecting your energy.
These gorgeously large earrings are fashioned in a way that not only makes you look good but feel good as well. 

A sleek bun:

Quick question: have you ever seen a bad selfie from Lori Harvey? Probably not. 
I mean, not even one strand is out of place that isn’t supposed to be—literally. She’s known for a sleek, well-put-together bun that puts a nice touch on her selfies. 
No matter what your go-to hairstyle is, keeping it free of flyaways and frizz will really take those selfies up a notch.
And the HoneyVera Jamaican Castor Oil Gel will surely get the job done. Like all other high-quality gels, this product will keep you looking right all day long.
What truly makes it a worthwhile grab is all the beneficial ingredients.

Along with black castor oil, it’s packed with fenugreek and rice protein that enriches the hair and scalp so much that it improves hair growth and volume with each use.

Let’s talk Dresses

If we were to put a finger on Lori’s vacay style we would probably guess she would remain stylish but not too over the top.

Like many of us, she is a fan of dresses while on vacation, they are easy to pack, easy to wear, and easy to accessorize.

Lori chose this dress on a vacation in Miami, super simple, all black minimal accessories. 

If we were headed to Miami, our first choice for dresses would by far be The Tamia Carey Collection.

Her dresses are elegant, easy to accessorize and the right piece can move with you from day to night without any effort.

For example this Nalani Pink Dress:

Simple, flirty, with just the right pop of color for day or night. 

Or if you prefer a little print or vibrant pattern, The Archers Summer Dress is a perfect choice especially if you are on vacation in the Caribbean.

Just curious, what’s your vacation style like? Comment below!


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