4 Things You Can Do To Look Refreshed Before An Impromptu Zoom Meeting


Random text from a client or co-worker: Emily we are having a mandatory zoom call in 5 minutes.

What!? *cue panic attack here*

I know at least one of you have received one of those random out of nowhere texts from your work family requesting your appearance on video.

These days Zoom calls are a dime a dozen, so at any given moment we might have to be ready to get camera-ready fast!

Here are 4 things you can do to look refreshed before an impromptu zoom meeting.

1. Your edges

Many of us know that if you just style your edges a bit, nothing too crazy, you can make a look come together quickly. The easiest style to do if you have medium to long natural hair is a bun.

Get your hair off of your face and secure with a ponytail and using a light gel or edge control lightly brush the edges to your liking.

Try: Design Essentials Honey Curlforming Custard for a light hold.

2. De-puff the eyes and massage the face

Puffy eyes can be an issue prior to doing your normal skincare routine, so if you want to brighten the eyes quickly, use our Blush Glacier Globes on and around the eyes by pressing firmly on them and massaging around the eyes. 

Similar to this video:


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This method is similar to using a cold compress or cucumber slices on your eyes to reduce minimal swelling.

The globes will help to increase circulation around the eyes, ease that “tired look” and brighten your entire look.

You want to look awake in front of your team or client so do not miss this step.

3. Use a refresher spray or face mist

We love a great mist! Think of face mists like a toner, but just packed with nutrients to help your skin retain moisture.

Fine a face mist is light and quick-absorbing, so you aren’t soaking wet while you quickly get ready.

Try Pixi skin treats Glow Mist! This mist is fast-absorbing, and has propolis and Argan Oil! Spray your face quickly to look revitalized.

If you are already wearing makeup by chance, just spray over your look to liven it up a bit!

4. Brows and gloss

Most of us have “our things” that we do to zhuzh up a look! For some of us it’s Mascara and eyeliner, for others it might be just brows.

We suggest brows and gloss!

Eyebrows will help to enhance the bright eyes you just created with our Globes and everybody loves moisturized lips.

Try: Brow Chow by Item and your favorite gloss from the Fenty line.

Wanna see a demo? We were being silly, but watch this?


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What are some key things you have to do before jumping on a zoom call? Comment below!


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