4 Tips To Help You Grow Your Hair During The ‘Awkward Stage’ Of Your TWA


TWA styles can be cute, stylish, versatile, and very easy to maintain while growing your hair. However, like every short hairstyle, there comes a time when it’ll start growing and the results are nothing less than awkward. You know the look, the “too short to put in a ponytail, but too long to wear as is” look? All of us who’ve big chopped have been there before and it not an easy thing to maneuver!

So what exactly is the solution? Well, luckily, there are quite a few things we can do to solve this issue. Below are 4 tips to help grow your hair during the “awkward stage” of your TWA.

Root and Scalp Concentration

The current health of your scalp is going to determine how healthy your hair is going to grow in, and how healthy your already present hair will be in the meantime. Think of it like this: when you want to save a dying plant, what do you nourish first? The soil and the roots.

A dirty, dry, oily, flaky, and/or irritated scalp is a poor foundation if you want long, strong hair who’s length can be retained. However, a clear, hydrated, clean, and moisturized scalp is just what you need; and since the roots of your hair are so close to your scalp, you need to make sure they are also clean and properly moisturized.

Scalp exfoliation, scalp massages, deep conditioning your roots, and putting extra moisturizer on your roots when your hair is particularly dry will promote healthy hair growth.


Extensions are a great way to add length, but they are also a great factor in protective styling. Extensions like long french braids and clip ins are perfect because they are not as tedious to install, style, and take out as box braids, weaves, and wigs.

Let’s take clip ins for example; kinky curly clips in not only match your texture, but they also give you a realistic fullness and length that is very wearable everyday and gives you something to aspire to. The best part? You can take them out anytime which makes it easy to do length checks, style, and protect your hair before bed!

With all of those benefits aside, you’ll also have the chance to care for your hair while enjoying some fabulous temporary length.

Cut It!

This may sound counterproductive, but have you ever thought about giving your hair a good trim? Yes, you’d lose a little bit of length but it would definitely be a step toward getting rid of any damage that may be preventing hair growth while allowing your hair to be more versatile.

Not only that, but it’ll also keep your hair at a comfortable length and welcome a really gradual grow so they length differences aren’t so awkward. This would also be a great time to shape it or cut it into a whole new style. For an example, instead of just rocking a regular short afro, you could get it tapered and twisted.

Don’t Touch It

Simply put, leave your hair alone. Don’t manipulate it, wash it with shampoo, don’t add in new products, cut it, or style it in a complicated fashion. Just water wash, moisturize, seal, and go.

Why would this make your hair grow? Well, the low manipulation aspect of not touching your hair simply allows your hair to do its thing without too much worry about whether or not what you’re doing to it is going to damage it.

Rock your fro and embrace the fact that it’s in a weird length spot. With all of the moisturizing, elimination of harsh chemicals, scalp massages, and natural oils going into it, it’ll grow in no time.

Featured image – @avielleamor


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