5 Products That’ll Keep Your Personal Hygiene In Check All Day Long


Most people think that being able to keep your hygiene together is something that comes naturally with adulthood. But the reality is, some of us need more help than others. And that’s absolutely no shade! Knowing what you need to improve is the first step to fixing it.

Between keeping up a regular routine like showering and brushing your teeth daily, to really getting to the nitty gritty of it all and detoxing or limiting how much you sweat, there is so much that comes with proper hygiene practices. 

Not sure where to start? Don’t trip—here are 5 products that’ll help you keep sweat and body odor in check all day long. 

RiseWell Alkalizing Mouthwash, $16

A lot of what you eat changes the pH balance of your mouth, making it more acidic and susceptible to cavities and other oral health issues if not properly cleansed.

This alkaline mouthwash from RiseWell uses sodium bicarbonate, tea tree oil, and wild mint to balance your mouth’s pH levels, while also successfully preventing bad bacteria growth.


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Spray, $12

The beauty of spray deodorant is that it’s lightweight, convenient to use, and doesn’t leave those unsightly white marks—and that’s exactly why this one from Schmidt’s is so great. 

This one is a little more special because it’s made with absolutely no aluminum or artificial fragrance, but is still effective for 48 hours. No worries about poor armpit hygiene here!


Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion, $15 

Taking care of your feet is a part of body hygiene many of us like to skip because well, we’re just going to wash our feet in the shower or bath, right? Yes, but that’s not enough!

Sometimes you need to do more to keep the stink away. Carpe’s Antiperspirant foot stuff keeps your feet fresh by reducing sweat and all stinch that comes with it. Cool, huh?



Nola Skinsentials Good Stuff Yoni Wash, $24 

The Good Stuff Yoni Hygiene Wash

From HoneyPot to Summer’s Eve, there are a whole bunch of products out there that claim to keep your lady bits fresh and clean. And truth be told, not all of them are good for you! 

But this one Nola Skinsentials is quite literally, The Good Stuff. Formulated with chamomile, lavender, and sunflower, this fem-hygiene wash is safe, effective, and gentle on the skin.


Megababe Happy Pits Detoxifying Underarm Mask, $16

Natural deodorant is all the rave right now, but more than anything, people are talking about how much it doesn’t work for them. But did you know detoxing makes it work better?

Yup! Megababe has this detoxifying charcoal underarm mask that literally makes your pits so happy that they no longer need the deodorant with the aluminium in it. That’s win-win!

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