5 Tips For Protecting And Growing Out Your Edges

edges on fleek

Our hairline is the most sensitive area of our heads. The edges and nape often suffer the most hair loss due to tension and bad hair practices but there are ways you protect, save and grow out your edges if you are suffering from hair fall.

1. Reduce tension

If you are used to wearing your hair pulled back or wearing super tight protective styles, it is time to let those go so that your edges can breathe a bit. Avoid tight pony tails, tight braided styles, and high tension buns.

2. Style your edges using healthy products

Healthy oils like Jamaican Black Castor oil are great for regrowing your edges and it is a pretty heavy oil so it can also help the hair to lie down if that is what you desire.

Use a tiny bit of castor oil on a toothbrush and gently style your edges then cover with a scarf to train the hair to lie down. This way you have nicely styled edges and the oil will help your edges to grow in. If you must use an edge control, find one that has healthy ingredients in it.

If you must use an edge control, find one that has healthy ingredients in it. I love the Blueberry Bliss Edge Control by CURLS, it is healthy and it does it’s job!

3. Hot oil treatments

Again using castor oil, do regular hot oil treatments to help your edges and nape to grow in. Additionally essential oils like, peppermint oil or tea tree oil are great for preventing hair loss and helping your hair to grow. Make a simple mix using Jamaican Black Castor oil, and a few drops of peppermint oil and tea tree oil, cover your hair with a plastic cap and sit under a hooded dry for 25 minutes before you shampoo.

4. Massage your edges

Using the same oil mix I recommended for your hot oil treatment, massage your edges and nape area every couple of days to get your hair growing. Massages stimulate the scalp and jump starts your follicles to start pushing those little hairs out.

5. Cover your hair at night

You need to use a hair bonnet anyway but if you are suffering from any hair loss you really need to cover your hair at night. Keep those edges protected at night, practice healthy styling and haircare and you will see those edges grow in, in no time!


  1. I can’t get my edges to grow.I have been natural for 6 yrs and don’t have edges just keep my hair braided and wear wigs.I have been using Jamaican black oil.But nothing seems to help.


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