6 Black Women-Owned Business You Should Follow


The State of Women-Owned Business Report announced that out of all the groups, Black women-owned businesses had the highest rate of growth.

Women of color also own a whopping 50% of women-owned businesses in the US. Now, that’s the aroma of success.

However, before you can shout “Huzzah!”, let’s look at one significant problem. Despite Black women taking control of their financial futures, customers aren’t paying them a lot of attention.

According to statistics, Black women-owned businesses earn an average of $24,000 per firm. In contrast, other women-owned businesses earn average revenue of $142,900.

Because of this, we hope that we can shine a spotlight on some of these Black women-owned businesses. The next time you’re looking for a product or service, it won’t hurt to give them a shot.

Kendall Miles Designs

Black Women-Owned BusinessWhen it comes to footwear in the 21st century, few entrepreneurs have made a name for themselves like Kendall Reynolds.

The 26-year-old is the brains behind the shoe empire, Kendall Miles Designs. She established the brand in 2015 as a passion project straight from her college apartment.

She initially taught herself about designing footwear, then later got formal training at the world-renowned Ars Sutoria in Milan.

KMD partners with family-owned factories that work together to create both fashionable and timeless shoes. KMD has become a fashion phenomenon to the extent that superstars like Rihanna have rocked its boots.

The Lip Bar

Black Women-Owned Business lip barThis is a beauty brand that promises to change the way we think of beauty. It is both cruelty-free and vegan.

Melissa Butler founded The Lip Bar after a career in bonds and stocks. She wanted to create a brand that wasn’t chockful of chemicals because she didn’t want beauty to come at the expense of health.

She also wanted to show people that they don’t have to conform to specific beauty standards; they should be themselves.

So far, her brand is living up to her ideals. It welcomes everyone, no matter how they identify, and it doesn’t have any animal testing.


Black Women-Owned Business GoldeGolde came into existence in 2017. Trinity Mouzon Wofford formed it in her one-bedroom apartment when she was only 23 years old.

She initially started the brand with one product: the “Original Turmeric Latte Blend”. However, since then, it has grown leaps and bounds.

The brand’s mission is to make wellness fun, easy and accessible for everyone. They believe that being well means you should feel good.

So, they make their products to fit their customers’ lifestyles, and not the other way round. Their products are stocked in numerous stores, including Urban Outfitters and Goop.

Their products range from skincare to smoothies; products that make the most of superfoods.

Grace Eleyae

Black Women-Owned Business Grace EleyaeAt last! Ahead cap made for black women by a black woman. Grace Eleyae is the founder of her self-titled brand, which offers protective hair accessories that are both functional and fashionable.

Grace founded the brand after visiting Kenya, when the hair on the back of her head broke off during a bumpy car ride.

Grace Eleyae products are lined with silk and satin. There are a number of reasons why they are so good.

For starters, they are great for locking in moisture and helping to distribute the hairs’ natural oil across one’s scalp. They also prevent hair from thinning and help to promote an ideal environment for healthy hair growth.

Jumping Jax Taxes

Dana Chanel founded Jumping Jax Taxes with her husband, Prince Donnell. Their aim was to give underserved communities the capability to start and grow a wealth-generating business, through resources and education.

So far, they have helped over 1,000 people to improve their financial lives.

Jumping Jax Taxes is the first and quickest-growing tax company in the United States. Users can find a tax professional just by using its mobile app.

Organigrow Hair Co

Black Women-Owned Business organicKay Cola founded Organigrow Hair Co after she got a bad haircut, horrible extensions and then dyeing her hair.

Her hair became weak, short, brittle, and her ends were straight while her roots remained curly.

She realized that she had been using hair products that were bad for her; they had parabens, sulfate, and other chemicals in them.

Organigrow Hair Co is an organic, vegan, and all-natural line. It caters to all hair types, and it helps to revive curly hair.

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