A Simple Jumbo Twist Protective Style Anyone Can Do


This is how you get our attention. Tell us you have a simple protective style, that is easy to do and doesn’t take hours!

Works like a charm!

These easy jumbo twists are such a vibe, and so simple we had to share them. They were created by Jeanette J Beauty on Youtube using the rubber band method.

What you will need

According to Jeanette, you will need the following tools to get the style done:
1. Rattail Comb
2. Miracle 9 Touch of Nature and Beyond Hair Edge Control
3. Miracle 9 Honey and Avocado Styling Gel
4. OUTRE Ombre Kanekalon Jumbo Braiding Hair

Note: You can always substitute the products in the video with whatever edge control or gel you have on hand.

How To Create the style

Start off with freshly washed, conditioned, and stretched natural hair. Create clean parts using your rat tail comb and smooth the sections with your edge control.

You are creating jumbo sections with your hair, so you will have just two sections in the back.

Feel free to continue to divide and section your hair the way you want the style to fall.

To create the twist, divide the individual section in half and put the braiding hair between the divided section.

Clip the braiding hair so it doesn’t fall and then secure your hair using a rubber band around the braiding hair.

Proceed to combine your hair with the Jumbo braiding hair, and two-strand twist the hair smoothing the ends as you go along.

You can apply a little edge control as you twist to ensure you are catching all flyaways.

Watch the demo below:

We think this style is great if you want a short-term protective solution and it is also great for school-age children who just need something simple to protect their natural hair for the week.

comment below and let us know if you plan to try it.


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