After Quarantine Your Guide To Black Girl Brunching

Black Girl Brunching

I think we can all agree that one of the things we miss the most during this quarantine process is what we like to call black girl brunching!

In recent years, brunch has become a little more than just that delicious sweet spot between breakfast and lunch. Now, it’s actually a pretty popular way for black women to connect with their friends, try some tasty, top-tier food and drinks for the low, and even network with other women in their respective industries.

Yeah, brunch has been made into somewhat of a lifestyle event. But don’t be intimidated by that because truly, brunch is just brunch. You can wear sweats, go all by yourself, and drink mimosas for 3 hours straight and that would be perfectly fine. But just in case you want to go the extra mile, here’s a simple guide to some well-done black girl brunching.

Bring Friends…Or Not

Brunch is one of the best meals to socialize and connect over because it typically takes place during the most easygoing time for the majority of folks—the weekend. Inviting a few of your close friends out to eat and catching up on your week is almost always a good time.

However, if your idea of a good time actually means getting some solo relaxation in, don’t be afraid to go to brunch by yourself. A cozy corner booth or single table on a sunny restaurant deck might just be what you need to reset for the upcoming week.

A few tips:

  • If you decide to invite friends, always invite people you know are trustworthy and will pay their portion of the bill if you have not volunteered to treat.
  • If you do end up in a situation where you’re unexpectedly footing a bill that’s not yours, always carry back up cash or credit cards for your own protection.

Order Something You’ve Never Tried Before

Most people have tried more than a few of the items on brunch menus because it’s really just basic breakfast and lunch foods.

Waffles, omelets, sandwiches, fruit salads, french toast, and a whole host of familiar and delicious foods are offered at brunch. If you’re looking to try something new, try an elevated version of a food you already love.

For example, they probably won’t have Eggo waffles on hand, but they might offer some really good Belgian waffles with berries and whipped cream; Or you can even turn your regular ole orange juice into a refreshing mimosa by adding a glass of nice champagne to the mix.

A few tips:

  • Do some research on the restaurants in your area. A lot of places will include full or sample menus on their website which is great if you want an idea of what to expect before you go to brunch. Reviews on the food and atmosphere are also pretty helpful.
  • Start with the foods that sound familiar to you and then branch out to what you don’t know, but would like to try.
  • Omelets, salads, and brunch specials that include steak or thick cuts of meat will always be more expensive than regular bacon and sausage.
  • “Bottomless brunch” means that you can have an unlimited amount of alcoholic drinks (or any food or drink item they specific) for a small, set fee. This is more cost-effective when you attend brunch with friends.

Dress To Impress

If you’re anything like me, dressing up makes you feel super good about yourself. Doing your hair, makeup, and throwing on a cute and comfy outfit elevates any outing, event, or brunch date you go to. If you do choose to get a little dressed up, remember that brunch attire is mostly casual with some dressy elements. Here a few things to consider adding to your outfit:

  • Plain, patterned, or silk skirts
  • Leather booties or sandal heels
  • Jeans or trousers
  • Simple blouses, blazers, and coats
  • Season-appropriate dresses
  • Simple necklaces, bracelets, and rings

Change Your Scenery

Most of us eat breakfast and lunch at home, our desks at work, on the way to run our morning errands, in the car, and every other place that isn’t particularly special, so going to a restaurant is already a step up. However, if you really want to enjoy your time, try picking a restaurant that offers up great scenery and atmosphere.

A few tips:

  • Instead of eating inside, sit outside and enjoy the sun and fresh air.
  • If there isn’t an option to sit outside due to weather or the restaurant simply not offering, see about getting a seat next to the window or any art, plants, or water that may be present.
  • Sometimes you need to take “a change of scenery” literally and pick a restaurant that is in a part of the city that you don’t travel to very often.

Comment below and let me know what brunch spot you plan to hit up first!

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