Alexis Kerr Named New VP of Hallmark Mahogany

Alexis Kerr - Hallmark Mahogany Brand VP

One thing we love to see is black women making serious power plays in their respective industries and recently, former Cadillac exec Alexis Kerr was named the new vice president of Hallmark Mahogany. In this new role, Kerr will be in charge of expanding and improving the way people see the brand along with how they experience it. She also has to find new spaces in the market for the brand to grow into.

Kerr mentioned that the investment Hallmark has made into Mahogany will help the brand to strengthen and deepen its relationships with its existing customers. In addition, she hopes the move will attract new and more diverse audiences. As this happens, she is proud and excited to lead the team as the brand helps more people to lead connected and caring lives that are abundant with meaningful moments.

The Hallmark Mahogany brand is a different type of greeting card: it has celebrated and honored Black culture for over 30 years. So, Kerr’s appointment feels only natural. The brand has delivered culturally authentic designs along with bold words of affirmation that have combined to establish the brand’s credibility in the Black community.

Before joining Hallmark Mahogany, Kerr worked in the automotive industry for several decades, where she had experience growing brands and businesses. She spent a large chunk of this time with General Motors. More recently, she worked at Cadillac as the head of multicultural marketing. In this role, she used her position to strengthen the multicultural presence of Cadillac by 40%. She also helped to increase the car maker’s sales and market growth.

Linsey Roy, the chief marketing officer at Hallmark, is thrilled that Kerr is joining their brand to help in its growth. She knows that Kerr is a proven leader when it comes to multicultural development, and Kerr will certainly use her skills to help Hallmark grow as a whole. Roy has seen plenty of potential in the power of Hallmark Mahogany, so she wants to keep working to create unique products and experiences for the brand’s diverse customer base.

Only recently, Hallmark Mahogany celebrated Black History Month by giving away a whopping one million cards. To make things more interesting, the brand gave all customers who visited their website a three-card pack which consisted of two Mahogany cards along with one card from the most recent Mahogany collection, titled Uplifted & Empowered.

Hallmark Mahogany is certain to grow stronger and become more influential with the appointment of Alexis Kerr.


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