Are Empowerment Brunches Worth The Money? – Twitter User Sparks Debate About Their Value


A Twitter user sparked a huge debate about the value of empowerment brunches and the conversation had us intrigued.

User “Big XO” on Twitter said:

I’m not paying $175 for a women empowerment brunch so you can tell me to believe in myself ..

and the opinions were split!

One user said:
That’s not what there for honestly, your suppose to go and network with ppl and promote your self …. I really don’t think y’all understand the importance of that

and another said the exact opposite:
They don’t.. and they don’t even be business owners they just be chatting 😂

see some of the opinions below:






We think the opinions are split because some of these events do in fact have a bad reputation and if you aren’t careful you will waste your time and money.

However, if you do the research and the room has people in it you *need* to meet, it might be worth the cost.

I have paid $100 bucks to be in a room and made six grand with someone I met simply by chance.

The point is, that you never know what can or will happen in the future.

What is your opinion? Share below!

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