B Ready: Beyoncé Is Poised For Her Next Evolution – British Vogue


Not Beyonce dropping her British Vogue cover on the same day as her new album announcement!

Sis is not about to let us breathe today!

Her British Vogue editorial gives us a glimpse into the new music she will deliver on July 29th.

Read the details below written in first person:

And now, two days on, I find myself truly en famille, sitting at Beyoncé’s dinner table on a Sunday night. I’m a little stunned at how relaxed it all is.

Sure, the house is impressively minimalist, with acres of white walls, gleaming glass and beautiful art.

As a scrumptious dinner of ribs, cream corn, peas, and mashed potatoes is served, I’m not sure the mood could be any cosier.

I’m so struck by how tranquil our hostess is.

At this point, her ironclad devotion to professionalism and privacy is legendary and yet here she is at home with her hair loose, not a stitch of make-up on, wearing a hoodie, just being herself.

Her armour is so lowered, her laughter so infectious, her skin so glowy, she honestly looks like a teenager.

I can’t help thinking how all those walls we perceive Beyoncé putting up don’t exist to facilitate ego.

Quite the contrary.

They exist so she can let it all go.

“My earth, my heart, my soil and my sanity” is how she refers to her innermost unit, and a great deal of protection goes into allowing her to experience her pocket of the world as calmly as possible. Perhaps it took her a while to get to this point?

Either way, the energy shift is beautiful to behold. This is a precious time in her life. Now 40, she’s feeling so good as a mother, an artist, and a woman.

About The Album

With minimal ceremony, she takes her laptop and plugs it in as we all sit on some sofas. Quietly, the superstar hits play on her upcoming album.

Instantly, a wall of sound hits me. Soaring vocals and fierce beats combine and in a split second I’m transported back to the clubs of my youth.

I want to get up and start throwing moves.

It’s music I love to my core. Music that makes you rise, that turns your mind to cultures and subcultures, to our people past and present, music that will unite so many on the dance floor, music that touches your soul. As ever with Beyoncé, it is all about the intent.

I sit back, after the wave, absorbing it all.

The creation has been a long process, she explains, with the pandemic giving her far longer to spend thinking and rethinking every decision.

Just the way she likes it.

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