The Best Hair Dye Colors for Dark Skin Tones for Fall – And Almost Every Other Season


If you’ve had on the same hair color for what seems like centuries now, or you’re a hair dye newb, it’s time to embrace the risk and try out some new hair dye colors.

Just like a new cut or new wardrobe staple changes your life, a fresh new shade will breathe exuberance into your life.

It’s easy to stick with the universally-acceptable hues, but now is the time to embrace your inner wild and rock some daring hair colors.

And, there’s no hard-set rule when it comes to hair color.

Women of color come in various shades and tones, so no ordained list of colors will work for all Black women.

The only thing you need to consider is your skin tone and undertone first to figure out which shade will be the most flattering.

So, as you map out your hair color mood board, allow these head-turning shades to serve as inspiration.

Together with high-quality products and a skilled stylist, these hair colors will help you feel brand new in no time.

Fiery Red

Fiery Red For Darker SKin Tones

If there’s a shade that screams bold and sexy and complements dark skin tones is fiery red.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cherry red, copper red, plum red, dark auburn, or burgundy; this hair color gives you’re an extra glow and makes you look like the goddess that you are!

However, ensure you’re keen on your undertones when picking a red shade. You want a shade that’ll compliment your skin effortlessly.

Jet Black


You can’t go wrong with a classic hue like jet black.

It seamlessly accentuates your skin and makes your complexion appear brighter and bolder.

You might also want to try high-gloss black. It’s the perfect way to go wild with color but mildly.

Moreover, gloss will add some shine and can shift the tone of your hair from warm to cool and neutral.

Caramel Brown


This is one color that compliments deep complexions by bringing out one’s inner glow. It also helps shave off some years, leaving you looking younger and sexy.

Caramel, coffee, and mocha brown hues are also the perfect fall shade since they bring out your undertones flawlessly.

Let’s just say you’ll look like an Egyptian princess when you rock this color all fall.

Chocolate Hues


Brown-skinned queens look sultry and sexy in chocolate shades.

It’s also the perfect hair color for individuals who need color correction since the lifting doesn’t need to be too intense.

It’s all about your hair’s health.

Golden Blonde

Tired of dark shades? Why not go for Beyoncé’s trendy golden blonde shade? It’ll not only give you that cohesive and edgy appearance, but it also grows out gracefully.

Goddess Gray


Grey is the new black people! Brunettes and blondes, it’s time to rest up y’all!

A stunning silver shade is perfect for all skin tones, but it sparkles with a heavenly brilliance when rocked by persons with golden undertones.

It might cost you a leg to maintain it, but grey hair is worth every cent!

Icy Blonde


Another shade that’s been turning heads, in the best way possible, is icy blonde.

Rocked with the classic LBD and a stunning smokey eye, this hair color makes for the perfect date night pick-me-up (if you’re all about living on the edge).

Moreover, with a shade this luxurious, you can confidently rock your faded glory haircut or tapered platinum cut with a feathered crown.

TBH, you don’t need much hair at all.

Vivacious Violet


If you’re still ambivalent when it comes to fierce shades, Justine Skye, the self-dubbed ‘Purple Hair Unicorn,’ might convince you otherwise.

Violets and generally royal purple hues are the IT-girl shade for dark skin tones.

Nonetheless, a violet hair color can become more of a long-term investment than others. So, before you call up your stylist and demand this Justine Skye shade, make sure you’re absolutely ready to rock this commitment-type shade.

Peachy Pink


If you’ve always admired pastels but are still skeptical about rocking them, you can try dipping your toes with a luscious peachy pink shade.

This color not only screams sassy and flirty, but it’ll make for the perfect girl’s night-out look.

Bold Blue


Now that we’ve started experimenting on colors, the best hair colors for dark skin tones list can’t be complete without listing blue as an option.

In any case, the bolder the shade, the better.

However, as with any other shade, you have to be careful when matching the color against your undertone.

Warm blue hues are perfect for girls with golden undertones, while ashy blue shades look sexier on people with cool undertones.

Deep Green


Deep green or sea green hues are a beautiful hair color on Women of color, particularly when they’re interwoven through dark hair.

They’re not only striking but also give you an ethereal look, especially when rocked with curls. Sigh…who wouldn’t want to look like a sea goddess?

Blonde Bombshell


If you’re not particularly excited about rocking the golden blonde color, you can try this half-and-half bombshell.

The contrast between blonde and brunette makes it the perfect hair shade for fall and every other season.

Honey-Dipped Highlights


If you’re a fan of dark brown hair with some highlights but aren’t ready for a stark contrast in shades, try this honey-dipped highlight look.

It’s not only a foolproof way to take your curls to the next level, but it also radiates dark skin tones and steals any show!

What’s more, since the color doesn’t go all the up to your roots, you won’t have to worry about a bold line of demarcation as you outgrow your hair.

Toasted Ombre


Ombre is a technique that gives your stylist the freedom to create the perfect out-of-this-world look.

Moreover, the further apart the hues, the more dramatic the contrast and the edgier your hair will look.

Perky Pastels


If you’re now more confident about rocking a bold, fierce hair color, you can ride the color train and try this unicorn ensemble.

With a dramatic change like this, though, ensure to have an honest conversation with your stylist and allow them to explain what’s realistically possible.

What are you waiting for? Go rock your preferred shade today #new hair who dis?


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