Cardi B Gives Hair Update, Says She Has Been Consistent With Her Hair Mask Routine And Drinking Alkaline Water


One thing about Cardi, she will give you a hair update every once in a while.

The rapper has her own DIY avocado hair mask recipe and she recently shared that she has been very consistent with it.

In addition to her mask, she has been drinking her alkaline water and she has seen some significant growth.

See below:

Before and After.

On Instagram she shut down her haters who call her ‘mixed’ everytime she posts hair updates.

She wrote:

Why everytime I post my natural hair I hear “you’re MIXED you’re supposed to have long hair”? That’s not true and very misleading.

I been posting pics of my hair journey for years and being mixed don’t mean your hair is always long and curly, that wasn’t my case.

Since I was a child I have had problems with managing my hair and couple years ago I find different methods that work for me and look at my length now. They’ll try to make us believe our hair won’t grow this long it’s not true.

A lot of hair products we used back then wasn’t good for our hair but that’s all we had to choose from also we couldn’t afford to get to the salon regularly, if at all.

now everybody is getting better options, making affordable GOOD products, learning from natural hair YouTube and tiktok about how to care for our hair better.

I want women of color with tighter curl patterns to know that you don’t have “BAD HAIR” there’s no such thing as bad hair . and “good” hair don’t mean a certain texture. ALL HAIR IS GOOD.

Check out my pinned story “HAIR DAY” and I can’t wait to show ya more of my hair care routines.

Have you tried Cardi’s mask yet? A few people on youtube have given it a whirl and have had some success with it.

Watch below:


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