What if I told you that there was a necklace that could perfectly match your vibe for the summer?

Whether you’re living your best life as a hot girl, just kickin’ it in the house, or getting to the bag, there’s actually a jewelry brand that offers necklaces to match both your mood and your aesthetic. 

Certified Lit is a black-woman-owned jewelry and accessory brand that is dedicated to offering up statement pieces that are fun, motivational, and inspirational, while also staying on par with current trends in music, culture, and social media.

And let’s be honest, there are so many different brands that sell clothes and accessories with popular sayings on them and they do come off a bit corny and cheap.

However, you won’t have that problem with Certified Lit because you can choose the right necklace for you based on your personality type.

Yup, Certified Lit offers a personality quiz that’ll match you with the best “personality piece” for you.

All you have to do is answer a few questions about your personal style and taste, and then you’re given three unique recommendations based on your answers.

The best part about the process is that don’t just have to purchase what was suggested—they have three whole collections for you to freely choose from.

Not a necklace girl? No problem! Certified Lit also has a limited edition keychain collection. Plus, they make the perfect gift for the jewelry lovers in your life. 

If you’re anything like me, I know exactly what you’re thinking: what’s the quality like? It doesn’t matter how cute and stylish it is, if the quality is trash, I won’t buy it. Honestly sis, no need to even worry about that.

All items are completely hypoallergenic and tarnish-free because they’re made with 14k gold plating or stainless steel.

But don’t just take my word for it, see some for yourself! Here are a few of the super cute personality piece necklaces to help you set the vibe for 2021.

Be sure to take their super accurate personality quiz to get matched with the pieces that are just right for you.

“Only Up!”

This Quiz Helps You Find The Perfect Necklace To Match Your Personality

For all the women on the grind, trying to become the best version of themselves, this piece let’s you know that it’s “only up” from here.

It also makes a stylish, reaffirming statement piece for cute business-casual looks.

“Travelers Prayer.”

This Quiz Helps You Find The Perfect Necklace

Staying prayed up and protected is super important in all areas of life, and wearing this necklace is a good way to keep the word of God close to your heart—literally and figuratively.

The idea behind this necklace is to stay prayed up as folks start to travel more coming out of quarantine.

It’s a great addition to a cute and colorful Sunday service outfit or just for those days you want to feel protected.

“100% That B-tch”

Just like our girl Lizzo, we want to always live a life where we are comfortable and confident in our skin—and this necklace makes that message abundantly clear.

Because it’s silver, you can pair it with cool-tone grays and blues for an extra pop.


The Perfect Necklace To Match Your Personality

G.O.A.T stands for “greatest of all time” so you know it’s only right to pull this one out when you’re feeling fly and flashy.

You can pair it with other gold jewelry and a sleek, simple hairstyle and outfit to really bring the look together.

You can pull off some really cute looks with these, right? Make sure to cop a necklace or two from Certified Lit this summer!

Not only will you be getting your hands on one of their stylish statement jewelry pieces, but you’ll also be putting your support behind a small, black woman-owned brand.

Make sure to use the code “EMILY” to get your 20% off. Take the quiz here.

This post is sponsored by CERTIFIED L.I.T JEWELRY

a black woman-owned accessory brand with a mission to bring uplifting and fun vibes to life and help others do the same! All thoughts and opinions are our own. 


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