Entrepreneur Adenah Bayoh Owns Various IHOP Franchises And Over $200 Million in Real Estate


We love how “Black women” and “money moves” are quickly becoming synonymous. Adenah Bayoh is a New Jersey entrepreneur who has various restaurant ventures and a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.

When she was 13 years old, Bayoh escaped the raging civil war in Sierra Leone and came to the United States to make a better life for herself. So far, she has exceeded all expectations. She is currently one of New Jersey’s most successful entrepreneurs.

In an interview, Bayoh revealed that the major ingredient for her success is passion. She works hard, and once she decides to do something, she fully immerses herself in it and figures out how she can succeed. In addition, after going through so much in her life, she understands the value and importance of taking a risk.

Moving on Up

After she graduated from college, Bayoh kicked off her career in banking and she started climbing the corporate ladder. She knew, however, that she would face limitations to her success simply because of being a Black woman. So, she decided to pave her own path by becoming an entrepreneur.

As Bayoh worked at the bank, she bought her first home as an investment. She then leveraged her first investment’s success to grow her real estate portfolio. She acquired bigger sites and more properties.

Bayoh eventually mastered how to buy, sell, and rent properties. She then transitioned into being a real estate developer. In 2012, she became part of a partnership to turn the prior Irvington General Hospital site into a retail and residential community.

One thing led to another, and right now, Bayoh has garnered a real estate portfolio in New Jersey comprising of both residential and commercial properties. Here’s the kicker: her portfolio is worth $220 million.

And Then There Were Restaurants

Bayoh used some of the profits earned from her real estate ventures to provide funding for her goal of opening an IHOP in the state. At 27, she became among the youngest franchisees for IHOP in the country. By 2010, her franchise was among the most profitable in the Northeast.

Bayoh now owns multiple IHOP franchisees across New Jersey. In turn, this has made her one of the biggest employers in her Township.

In 2017, she partnered with a friend and launched her own restaurant, called Cornbread, in Maplewood. Then, in 2019, she formed a partnership with Walmart for expanding her signature restaurant line to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Deserved Success

Bayoh’s amazing accomplishments have won her plenty of awards and distinguished opportunities. In 2015, she was on Ebony Magazine’s Power 100 list. In 2019, she received the Face of Diversity Award from the National Restaurant Association.

To any aspiring entrepreneurs, Bayoh advises them to start now, push on, and know why they are doing this. As long as one keeps walking, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.



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