16 Year Old Entrepreneur Receives Investment In Her Hot Sauce Company

Entrepreneur Receives Investment

Recently a Texas-based 16-year-old business Entrepreneur Receives Investment and got a chance to see her business get the boost it needs to thrive. Tyla-Simon Crayton launched her condiment company called Sienna Sauce in 2017.

As most of you know, it is difficult for women of color specifically black businesswomen to get funding for their ventures, so when a sista wins we have to celebrate it.

“The concept of selling wings out of our home started over a kitchen conversation,” Crayton says on her homepage. The Brooklyn native moved to Houston and wanted to start a venture in the city.

According to Black Enterprise, her company won “Best Sauce” at the coveted Sauce-A-Holic Fest in Texas two years in a row. Crayton also won $25,000 in the capital on Good Morning America‘s “Side Hustle Showdown” series as well as another $10,000 from the Revolt Pitch Competition.

Entrepreneur Receives Investment

Her success then caught the attention of startup angel investor Chamillionaire who was an early investor in companies like Lyft and Maker Studios.

Crayton participated in Chamillionaire’s $100,000 pitch competition and was a runner-up, this is what he shared –

“Sienna Sauce was a runner-up in my pitch competition and I really like tracking this company,” says Chamillionaire in a statement on his personal Republic.co page. “I invested in Sienna Sauce because I back startups that have domain expertise, resiliency, and a roadmap that I believe could potentially lead to success.”

Sienna Sauce is currently available in over 65 stores across Texas and Mississippi. Crayton hopes to see her sauce in establishments around the country; she is currently working on raising more capital to expand the company’s market share.

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