Entrepreneur Shares That Her Boyfriend Randomly Sent Her A Wire of $100K For Her Business

Entrepreneur Shares That Her Boyfriend Randomly Sent Her A Wire of $100K For Her Business

Entrepreneur, author, and speaker Nichole Lynel, recently went viral when she shared a post about her boyfriend who wired her $100,000 to invest in her business.

Nichole is the owner of the luxury retail store SHOP NICHOLE LYNEL and the creator of Boss Chick 101 a course about creating entrepreneurial boss moves.

If you are an Entrepreneur then you are probably aware that ideas are a dime a dozen and you are always looking for ways to level up and do more.

Anthony Carter also known as @tonythecloser asked Nichole how much it would take to get her plus-size line started.

Nichole randomly says 100K thinking that would shut him up because according to her she didn’t want another project.

He says DONE! And to her surprise, he sends her a wire of exactly 100K.

Read her caption on Instagram:
HIM : Babe how much will it take to get started with your plus sized line ….
ME : 100k ( thinking that will shut him up. I don’t want another project) …
Him : ??‍?done

I don’t even know what to say I’m still speechless. I worrrrk so hard because I never want to ask anyone or owe anyone. For this ENERGY on a casual Friday when I was just throwing a roundabout to get him off my case. Someone to believe and take action. ??‍♀️#shooketh

Then she shared the below series of pictures, including proof of the $100,000 transaction:


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A post shared by Nichole Lynel (@nicholelynel)

Oh, but it gets better!

This brother also shared that not only is he willing to invest heavily off the top, he has also invested in marketing as well.

He shared on Twitter the time he put her business on not 1 but on 2 Times Square billboards in the heart of NYC.

Read below:

Twitter reactions were nothing short of awe and hilarity! (is that a word?)





Nichole, drop the prayer sis! Congratulations on everything! Follow Nichole here.

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