Hair Hack Alert: Apply Your Hair Products With Gloves And Eliminate Frizz

vinyl gloves

Have you ever seen your stylist add hair products to your hair using vinyl gloves? The first time I really took notice of the use of gloves was in a video by Mo Knows Hair as she styled one of her clients.

vinyl gloves

I have not been to the salon recently however when I used to go, vinlyl gloves were not a thing. I have probably experienced it one time.

If you are into hacks though this one may have crossed your screen a couple times. The thing about vinyl gloves is that they are so smooth that they allow your fingers and product to glide through your hair with the utmost ease.

Here are 4 reasons you should use vinyl gloves during your hair routine

1. The product literally glides in your hair

The smoothness of the gloves and the product makes an almost perfect combination for product application. The product applies with ease and you use less product as well which is always a plus.

2. You can get rid of tangles

The smoothness of the glove along with a great detangling product will literally melt knots away as your hands can glide through your hair releasing knots and tangles as you go along.

3. protects your nails

If you have long nails or a fresh manicure, wearing gloves are a life saver, you protect your hands and get the job done without any issues.

4. No snaps

This is my favourite benefit because my hair will snap if I am too rough or if I have too much friction my your hands handling my fine hair

With the smooth gloves and your ability to really get that product in the hair without snags, there will be no cringe worthy snapping of your strands.

Next time you are applying products to your hair try using vinyl gloves and see how it works for you. Make sure you get the right size for your hands because if the gloves are too big or too small it will defeat the purpose of using the gloves in the first place.



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