Hair Hack! – Watch Influencer Tiarra Monet Cover Her 30″ Box Braids With Her Lace Front

Hair Hack! - Watch Influencer Tiarra Monet Cover Her 30

Influencer and entrepreneur Tiarra Monet shared a little hair hack on Instagram and we thought, “ok girl, that’s low key creative”!

You have a party/wedding/event to attend and you want to switch things up but you JUST installed some knotless braids! What do you do? Take them out?

Girl no!

Can you imagine spending close to a grand on braids and removing them prematurely?

With this hack you can switch things up without taking the braids out.

In the video shared below, Tiarra successfully covered her 30″ braids with a wig to change the style from sexy box braids to a sultry thick ponytail with loose hair.

Sis went from this:

To this, give or take an hour:

According to her Instagram:

This hack works best on knotless braids, we are guessing because you can move them around and hide them easier. here are the steps she shared.

1. Secure the braids in a ponytail, and create a middle part.

2. Bleach and pluck your favorite frontal wig, she used a full wig with a transparent lace, and its best to choose a wig that has textured hair. The bulk will hide the braids.

3. Apply your stocking cap as usual, but prep it by cutting a hole in the back for the braids to feed through.

4. Wrap 2 bundles of weft hair around the braids, stitching lightly so that you avoid damaging the braids. Get help with the base so that the pony tail remains straight as you wrap the hair around and secure it.

5. Wrap the hair around the base

Watch her video demonstration below:


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This hack is great for a quick ‘bust down’ style as Tiarra calls it. It is definitely not meant to be long term!

Would you try it?

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