Black Woman With Genius Hangover Recovery Drink Gets Attention from Coca-Cola

UNLIT Hangover Recovery - Lia Lee

Most of us grown folks know exactly what it feels like to have a hangover. Whether it’s a splitting headache or a stomach that can’t hold anything down, the next morning isn’t nearly as fun as the previous night. 

And entrepreneur Lia Lee knew that a cure for the next-day-blues is exactly what needed as a collective, so she created UNLIT—an all-natural, vegan line of adaptogen beverages blended with superfood ingredients that restore and detox your body.

UNLIT helps consumers to rebalance their body, mind, and soul, making it a timely cure for those hangovers that millennials love (not!) so much.  

UNLIT includes four different beverages that are all produced with a “bio-availability” first approach that gives consumers a natural boost to aid hangover recovery. 

UNLIT isn’t just great for hangovers. It also helps users who work late nights and have intense workouts, since it basically replaces the essential nutrients that the body loses.

This also means that you can add UNLIT to your cocktails or drink it as a chaser with your shots to prevents hangovers as a whole. Great idea right? Everyone else thought so, too.

Hangover Recovery

With tons of support on her side, Lee and UNLIT company recently participated in a pitch competition called the BevNET 2021 New Beverage Showdown where she became a semifinalist in the competition, which is hosted by Venturing and Emerging Brands (VEB).

If you don’t know, VEB is the business unit of Coca-Cola, which finds and develops various brands that have the potential to become worth a billion dollars or more.

Lia, along with many other millennials, found that she was often dealing with a fair number of hangovers after her wild nights out.

According to her, it was strange that she was the only person who felt like she needed something to rebalance herself and make her post-drinking day suck less.

So, like the true entrepreneur she is, Lia did some research, and she ended up with UNLIT. She developed it as an adaptogen recovery drink that lessens the effects of hangovers.

In effect, it helps young professionals to balance their social lives, work lives, and all the other things in-between.

According to a report by RAND, a recent national survey discovered that the overall regularity of alcohol consumption in the United States rose by 14% who were 30 years or older. This was in comparison to 2019.

Whether this is a stress response or happening just because people are looking to let loose a lot more these days, Americans are clearly drinking more. And as a result, there are going to be a lot more hangovers.

With the easing up of mask restrictions because of COVID-19, more patrons are out and an increasing number of public venues are opening or re-opening their doors.



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