Here Is How You Can Achieve The “Wet Look” On Your Natural Hair

wet look
Kimberly Cherrell

You may or may not have seen videos on YouTube and on social media with women demonstrating how to get what they call “the Wet look”?

If you have then this post will give you some pointers on how to perfect it yourself. If you are on the other end of the spectrum and you have never heard the term then keep on reading.

What exactly is the “wet look” ?

The wet look is a popular hair trend that is exactly what it sounds like: styling your hair so that it looks wet.

Now we’re not talking about the undesirable wet look— stringy, lifeless, and drippy like an old school Jheri Curl.

We’re talking about shiny, defined, moisturized, and hydrated just like your hair right after a good deep condition. The only difference is that it’ll actually maintain all the shine and definition all day long.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need straight or wavy hair (weave, wig, or otherwise) to pull this look off! It can be done on all hair textures and types— including type 4 hair.

What do you typically need?

Water. Of course, the wet look is not really possible without the very thing that makes your hair wet: water! However, you can actually do this in a number of ways. Styling right after

Brush. When you’re trying to make your curls pop, you’ll need a Denman or paddle brush to detangle, separate, and define each strand. Use a hard bristle brush to smooth down the roots and make the curls uniform again.

Clips. Using clips to keep wet and dry hair separated is actually optional, but it’s necessary if you want the process to be free of inconveniences and tangles.

Gel. Keeping your hair weighed down is a big part of maintaining the wet look throughout the day without continuously applying water, and this is achieved by generously applying hair gel.

Look for one that is alcohol-free and formulated with oils that’ll keep your hair shiny and in place, but not crunchy or dry.

Moisturizer. Of course, after you wet your hair, you need to soften and nourish it with a good, thick moisturizer.

Here is where you can really focus on keeping your hair properly moisturized and healthy.

Hood Dryer and Diffuser. When you allow your hair to air dry, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to an unknown amount of shrinkage because wet hair is much more sensitive when it comes to things like humidity, wind, and other environmental conditions.

Dry your hair beforehand to ensure that you’ll end the day with the same amount of length that you started it with.

What Are Some Good Tips For Perfecting The Wet Look?

  • Need extra length? Try the banding method after your hair is dry and add the shine back in with a little oil in the morning.
  • Sleep with your hair in a ponytail and cover it in a satin scarf to maintain the style for up to one week.
  • Use anti-shrinkage moisturizers and gels to get the most length.
  • The thicker and kinkier your hair is, the smaller the sections you should work with when styling.

Watch the below video’s for a demonstration:

And this one:

And this one on 4C natural hair:

If you decide to do this with clipins and you need some inspo, check this video out:

Would you try “the wet look” comment below! Read more wash and go content, here, here and here.


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