Hilarious! Watch Youtuber Kristen Victoria Prank Her Boyfriend With Extremely Long Armpit Hair

Hilarious! Watch Youtuber Kristen Victoria Prank Her Boyfriend With Extremely Long Armpit Hair

To be clear there is a trend or a movement of women who have decided they just want to leave the hair that grows naturally on their body alone. No shaving, no waxing, no chemical stripping, no laser removal, nothing.

The art of shaving is a societal norm, not something you have to do. It’s a choice we are all entitled to make and we respect it!

There are also women who simply like everything clean! Not one strand anywhere and we also respect that choice!

With that said Youtuber and Tiktoker Kristen Victoria, thought it would be funny to prank her boyfriend Entrepreneur Reafe also known as @mr._anderson18 on Instagram with excessively long armpit hair.

We all know for some guys, long armpit hair takes a little getting used to (that might be an understatement, considering how this brother reacted), so why not play on those emotions for giggles?

Victoria plastered some hair under her arms and casually revealed the hair to her man in the car while the two were driving and talking.

If you need a laugh, press play below:


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This brother said “That’s a raging bush Kristen” “you need a weed wacker”. “What did you put under your armpit Do Grow?” LOL

Ok so that was funny but while we are on the topic of armpit hair, here are 3 solid reason you might want to leave the hair under your arms alone.

1. Prevents chafing! Believe it or not, armpit hair can provide a buffer for skin that might rub together while doing physical activity
2. Armpit hair protects vital blood vessels – It serves as a vestigial protective barrier on your skin.
3. Armpit hair helps you to avoid irritation:

According to, Dr. Mona Gohara, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University “When you shave, you can get irritation, folliculitis, rashes, inflammation, and even infections from dirty razors,”. “We do it because it’s a societal norm, but there really isn’t a biological reason to remove that hair.”

Are you a shaver, or do you just let your hair grow? Comment below!

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