How to Banish Dry, Brittle Nails, For Good


Hands up if your nails have been looking a little sorry lately. Same here.

Like our hair and skin, nails do bear the brunt of stress but don’t get the attention they deserve.

Even the most knowledgeable skincare enthusiasts tend to get a bit flustered when asked how to deal with damaged nails.

Fortunately for you, these at-home remedies that include some much-needed TLC and nutrition tweaks could be your ticket to repairing brittle, cracked, and gel-ravaged nail beds.

You might never have to visit your nail tech ever again (just joshing).


One way to repair weakened, brittle, flaky nails? Water.

Yes, drinking those eight glasses of water daily can improve your nail health.

In fact, studies have shown that dehydration is one of the most significant causes of nail damage and issues like brittleness, peeling, and broken nails.

Consuming your H20 helps keep your cuticles happy and hands healthy, so keep up!

Up Your Proteins

Your hair and nails are formed with proteins.

Therefore, it makes sense that adding a protein treatment to your nail care routine can help improve the condition of dry, brittle nails.

An excellent place to start is investing in jojoba or avocado oil, which has been shown to condition damaged nails naturally. A proteins-infused base coat can also boost your nail strength.

When Necessary, Take Biotin-Rich Products

Besides proteins, one of the best nutrients for your skin, hair, and nails is biotin. The element is a B vitamin and helps strengthen weak cuticles and boost overall nail health.
So, aim to take at least 30 micrograms daily.

It would be best if you also included other nutrients, namely calcium and vitamin C, since they help improve the condition of damaged nails.

However, don’t expect instant results.

Nails take over three months to grow from the root to the tip. Just be persistent, and you’ll see significant changes in no time.

Extract Polish Properly

One universal rule in nail care is? DON’T PEEL YOUR POLISH.

While your anxiety might be driving you to do it, peeling takes off the top layers of your nail plate, causing trauma to your nails.

Nails play a vital role in strengthening your grip and safeguarding the sensitive nerve endings on your hands – so peeling layers will only result in soreness whenever pressure is applied.

If you’re a gel, acrylic, or dip services buff, be sure to talk with your nail tech. Ensure they remove them with care to help maintain your nails’ integrity.

Soak Your Digits in Olive Oil

Another way to prevent your nails from splitting and polish cracking? Olive oil.
Dipping your nails in olive oil for 10 to 20 minutes daily helps strengthen, moisturize and protect them.

Glove Up

Your hands are exposed to numerous harsh substances every day. So, to protect them, wear gloves when doing dishes or other house chores to preserve the luster and wear of your manicure.

Leave Your Cuticles to the Pros

Unless you’re a genius at at-home nail care, avoid cutting your cuticles. If they’re begging for a little TLC after you’ve done some maintenance, book an appointment with a certified pro.

Cuticles play a vital role in blocking bacteria from getting into your body. Therefore, cutting them improperly can trigger a myriad of infections.

Keep Your Nails Short &Rounded

Keeping your nail short help prevent snagging and ultimate tearing, but even the shape of your digits can help minimize the chances of damage.

If you’ve ever rocked square nails, you’ve probably experienced a tear or broken corner at one time or another.

Well, round-nailed individuals experience these problems less frequently.

Also, when filing your nails, be sure to buff them from one direction in a slow, controlled motion. Buffing them in a saw-like motion can trigger breakage, which can be painful.

Plus, short nails don’t have to be boring. You can have fun with bold colors and designs – probably even try some stickers if you’re feeling festive.

Keep Your Moisturizer Close

One good nail habit? Regular moisturizing.

Keep a bottle of lotion beside every sink in your house, and your nails will thrive.

Be sure to also look for a bottle infused with ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, shea butter, and vitamins A. C, and E.

These nutrients contain properties that help repair the look of damaged nails.

When in Doubt, Seek Professional Help

For extremely brittle, flaky nails, seeking professional help is the best course of action. So, visit your local technician, and your nails will be on their way to reclaiming their power.

If your nail tech can’t help, then it’s time to consult your doctor. They’ll help you rule out any underlying concerns that might be causing nail damage.

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