Issa Rae Thinks The Problem With RnB Today Is That It Lacks Drama And Desperation

Issa rae on Twitter

Like many of us, Issa Rae likes listening to a little 90’s RnB every now and again. On Twitter, she made the hilarious point that a lot of the music these days aren’t simp enough for her.

She said she was listening to Mint Condition Breaking my Heart and it made her realize that our music now lacks drama and desperation. We might need to bring that back!

Read the funny tweet below:

Twitter was quick to chime in with their own thoughts. These tweets had us rolling!

and this one about Jodeci:

Now we are all down the 90’s RNB Rabbit hole:

We really agreed with this one:

Gotta have the rain

And the pose:


And there is the Bruno, who went from holding a grenade to just simply leaving the door open:

and finally:

Do you agree with Issa? Is RnB not dramatic enough? Comment below!



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