Jam Master Jay’s Daughter Tyra Myricks Says The Book 48 Laws Of Power Helped Her To Level Up Her Money

Jam Master Jay’s Daughter Tyra Myricks Says The Book 48 Laws Of Power Helped Her To Level Up Her Money

Tyra Myricks, Jam Master Jay’s daughter, is offering free advice on how to kill it financially. These are the methods she claims to have used to become successful.

The 28-year-old entrepreneur is earning 7 figures a year from her hustles.

She used to work with Drake as the director of development, merchandising and design for his OVO lifestyle brand.

This alone netted her a clean six figures a year, but she resigned in July this year.

On the side, she has a fashion label called Wealth that she founded while still in high school; a merchandising and branding company called 12:06 Branding; a pizza shop she opened together with the late Notorious B.I.G.’s daughter, T’yanna Wallace; Los Angeles’ first Black-owned gym; and a platform to help young entrepreneurs launch their own businesses.

How has Myricks become so successful while still so young? She revealed that it’s not a secret.

Instead, most of it is giving yourself knowledge, acting with confidence and agility when you get a new opportunity, consistently working hard, and being close to smarter people that you can learn from.

She attributes most of her success to comes from this book: Robert Greene’s “The 48 Laws of Power”. So, which specific laws helped her the most?

Master the Art of Timing

According to the author, always look patient, like you know that everything will eventually come to you.

Recreate Yourself

Myricks reveals that every new level you get to will need a new version of yourself. Don’t fear change, because that fear will cause you to stagnate.

Avoid Unhappy and Unlucky People

It took some time for Myricks to accept this law, since she knows that we are not always lucky.

However, she tries to stay away from people who are always unlucky.

She believes that people who never seem to “catch a break” rarely put positive energy into the world.

To be precise, she avoids people who are resentful, jealous, and petty.

Their unluckiness is often self-inflicted; not like those who are going through hardship or depression.

When people are unhappy, it tends to rub off on those close to them.

Don’t Give the Impression of Perfection

To Myricks, it’s perfectly okay to show your setbacks, trials, and fears. By being transparent, you can help others to gain confidence in themselves.

Guard Your Reputation

Some people might find this too much work, but it works for Myricks. She never felt like protecting her father’s legacy lessened who she was.

Act, Don’t Argue

This law has helped Myricks to stem her defensiveness. She ignored what people thought and said about her, walked away, and used her actions to show who she truly is.


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