Keeyahri Is The Luxury Black Owned Shoe Brand You Need To Know


There is a meme going around on Instagram that encourages women to normalize indulging in luxury because we deserve it.

Listen! I could not agree more, so let me introduce you to a type of luxury that is feathered, a statement piece, and black-owned.

Keeyahri is a black-owned shoe brand founded by Keya Martin and a label that is focused on luxury, Italian craftsmanship, and evocative textures.

I discovered the brand on Instagram when Rochelle Graham-Campbell unboxed two pairs she picked out for herself in her stories. I was floored at the sheer beauty of the shoes.

But take a closer look at Jenine – Light Peach Bloom:

Inspired by the beautiful Jenine Howard. This fairytale feathered pump is a definite dreamy piece of art. Signature 4-inch custom Keeyahri swirl heel with hand-applied feathers. A very small batch was produced for those who dare.

They are also in mint green (Jenine Paradise Mint Green):


About Keeyahri and Founder Keya Martin

With a focus on luxe, Italian craftsmanship, and evocative textures, Keeyahri shoes take an artistic approach to contemporary design.

Keya Martin, Artistic Director and Founder, designs first through touch, manipulating fabrics and hand-selecting details that convey a simple sensuality.

Released in small-scale seasonal collections, Keeyahri shoes honor the community that wears them: dynamic women with an eclectic sensibility and a point-of-view for the world.

Poised and confident, Keeyahri shoes understand fashion as an investment in self-empowerment and self-expression.
Independently made with a flair for the unique, they were made to strut in.

“You will never go unnoticed in my shoes,” says Keya. Her story empowers all women to be confident enough to follow their internal voice and instincts while creating a business that makes them feel fulfilled.

The brand promises to stimulate a lifestyle of confidence through a commitment of quality, craftsmanship, and eclectic style.

In a recent Instagram post, Keya shared an inspirational picture of how she felt when stepping into her own business.

I felt as if I had been holding my breath while working in the corporate world until I fully stepped into MY OWN business 100%. I am now able to fully breathe in and exhale (with a sense of accomplishment). This is my @jeffbezos pic that I’ll look back at and reminisce. It all started in my dining room.

I am so grateful for all of the support, motivational words, and purchases you all have made to help me on my journey. This business has allowed me to develop a true sisterhood within my new family.

Beyonce recently shared the brands when she featured a number of black-owned businesses on her website

Keeyahri has 7 pairs of shoes in their catalog some of which are not pictured above, check out her entire collection here.

I think I am obligated to get “Emily” just because! Oh and if you want to check out some black-owned luxe shoe brands for me, head over to MrCottontop here.

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