Twin Lawyers Repackage their Grandmother’s Hot Sauce to Keep Her Legacy Alive


Alicia and Alice Crowe are identical twin lawyers who have turned their attention to becoming entrepreneurs.

They are bottling and selling their family-owned line of hot sauce, called Emmaline’s All Natural Original Hot Sauce.

This hot sauce is now three generations old, and comes from their grandmother’s original recipe.

The twins graduated from Howard University School of Law, and they have worked for over 20 years in their own practice as attorneys.

Now, they have teamed up to keep this family legacy alive.

Classic and Classy

Hot sauce

According to Alicia, this hot sauce is essential for anyone who loves excellent home-style cooking.

They make it the classic way, with spices, herbs, fresh peppers, and homespun goodness, just how their grandmother made it.

The result is a smooth peppery flavor that has enough of a kick to stimulate your tongue but not leave you writhing.

The twins are actually re-launching the brand. In the past year, the business was mainly driven by plenty of customer feedback.

The twins received plenty of feedback from people who loved the taste and naturalness of the hot sauce and wanted it to keep going.

The sauce was their grandmother, Emmaline’s, dream. This is why they named the brand in her honor. The bottle has a photo of Emmaline’s wedding in 1910.

A Dream That Never Dies

Emmaline's All Natural Hot Sauce

The twins’ mom, Gwendolyn Stinson Crowe, showed them how they can make the sauce from its original ingredients.

In turn, the twins bottled and sold the sauce to help realize her dream.

Gwendolyn initially sold the hot sauce at various local farmer’s markets in the tri-state area.

She also did food tastings. In 2007, Emmaline’s Hot Sauce was the recipient of the Whole Foods Local Hero Award.

Gwendolyn learned to cook from her mom, Emmaline Humphries Stinson. Unfortunately, Gwendolyn passed away last year in the height of the pandemic.

Eventually, the twins plan to expand the product line so they can include other food products as well as various all-natural items.

If you’re interested in Emmaline’s All Natural Original Hot Sauce, you can read more about it here.


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