Meagan Good Said She Has Dealt With Hair Ignorance for ‘Past 25 Years’

Meagan Good Said She Has Dealt With Hair Ignorance for ‘Past 25 Years’

The ignorance that black actresses face on set is as old as time, and every now and again, an actress will share her experience and manage to still have us scratching our heads.

How can this still be happening in 2021?

With all the resources available around styling kinky natural hair you would think we would see dramatic changes in the industry.

Well the fact is, it’s 2021 and … unfortunately black hair care ignorance it is still happening.

Meagan Good Said She Has Dealt With Hair Ignorance for ‘Past 25 Years’Meagan Good spoke exclusively with US Magazine giving us a glimpse of what life on set with her hair has been like.

“For me, being 40-year-old now, it’s something that I’ve dealt with for the past 25 years,” the actress exclusive told Us Weekly.

“Always being in a situation where, to some degree, if the stylist doesn’t know how to do my hair, which is more often than not, I’m taking a huge bag with me to set with my pressing comb, particular flat iron, particular products — I can’t just use anything.”

I’ve had some great experiences and it’s sad, in a way … it’s like before I get to a job — and I kid you not, even today — I’m holding my breath hoping that the person can do my hair. And when I find out that they can, it’s like I can breath,”

She continued: “On other occasions, I get there and I realize they can’t do my hair. I always have a bag with me because I’ve learned that I have to do that.

And then I get to my trailer and the unfortunate thing is I’ve already been in hair and makeup for an hour so my time has run out and I’m now in my trailer spending an extra 15, 20 minutes trying to actually do my hair myself.”

Meagan recently shared that she has joined a Future Stylist partnership fund with Tresemme that supports black women and stylists directly.

She announced her participation on Instagram, providing some insight on what the fund is designed to do.

Check out her post on Instagram:


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